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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: I know this has been referred to as a resolved issue before, but it's still a major issue and actually has gotten worse now. If you are besieging a fief and another army joins the siege, you won't be in command of the siege anymore and as I noticed today, I'm not even in control of the siege engines I built anymore, I'm completely powerless once another army joins my siege. It was mentioned that it has something to do with the rank of the commander of the other party, but that's bull****, I am clan level 5 and a party led by a clan level 2 lord joined my siege and it was still as drescribed. All I can do now is wait until the other army does something, leave the siege or, as I usually have, use the command console to give the commander of the other army as prisoner to an enemy lord, which will disband his army and cost him his party, I will be in command of the siege again, but it will diminish my factions combat capabilities. So how hard can it be to make it so that the party/army that initiated the siege will ALWAYS be in command of it, no matter how many other parties/armies join and no matter how strong/weak or high/low ranked they are, unless you get the option to delegate your command? First come, first serve!

I'm playing Version and only have the command console and a mod that keeps my clans parties from donating troops to settlements (which should be a standard option of the game also).
Sadly it is intended by design. There is no bug here.
Then why doesn't it work the same way when we reverse the roles? I had the lvl 2 lord led army initiate a siege, then I join it and the lvl 2 lord still remained in command and I didn't take over just like he does when he joins my siege! You can't be serious claiming that this is intended by design and no bug, with that "feature", the player is the screwed one in any way possible and this has been an issue that people complained about for a long time now, change it!
At clan tier 6 I can take over sieges and retain control of those I start, provided the joining army doesn't exceed my army numbers and they are not the kingdom leader. Is it possible mods are effecting your game unintentionally? I didn't think clan level 2 could lead armies.
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