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    That two factions didn't fight each other ever?

    Considering Everyone was against France..
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    How famous is the person above you?

    Cant say i have seen you around
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    What is your favorite part of the game?

    Me rage, noeee ;)
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    Swords or Bayonets?

    I Voted bayonet, Bayonet takes more skill to use, you can only attack two different directions. Although, if you go up against an experienced sword wielding maniac he will win with his feinting and all the awful and evil tricks he has up his sleeve.
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    What is your favorite part of the game?

    The Community, everyone is awesome, you know who you can have a laugh with :)
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    British 95th Sergeant

    I can still shoot better with the 95th Sgt then a musket, so something is right :)
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    Napoleonic Wars: Administration Applications

    +1 USE4Life, known him a while now, hes very mature for his age and he is active.
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    Renting Out Pro Ex 51st Players

    Throw in a free foot rub and you got yourself a deal!
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    51st Regiment, signing off

    Sad to see you guys go, hope you all stick around :)
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    Complaint Admin : Treble

    Some guy was going "Allah Akbar" and that started everyone else off. This went on to a hole server shouting out this word, and other stuff about hitler. You then went on to call me the racist?, i was clearly stopping everyone from saying Allah Akbar "God Is great" to stop anyone feeling...
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    More maps :P
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    Dragoons are getting ridiculous.

    You have never come across some dragoon sitting there aiming at you whilst your running around in circles trying to put off his aim, im guessing not? Also, its a musket, not a sniper rifles, 8/10 you miss.
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    Screenshots & Video topic

    Pft.. we clearly still had over 9000 men in reserve. ;) I Did say not to do it, clearly nobody listened ;)
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    Gameplay Style

    I Tend to walk around with someone in game, someone i know is good at the game  :lol:
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    Dragoons are getting ridiculous.

    Its like this, if you are facing off a dragoon and you miss with your shot, you have about an 80% chance of death, 90% if its a muskatoon, most of the time you can doge and weave but they are standing still so they can just wait.. its just the face that they ride up to you, miss, run away and if...