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    I read quite a few posts which complain about the lack of customization. Maybe if the game would add a third perk which is purely cosmetic could solve at least in part this issue. The different looks or armors could be earned with experience points. That would be awesome.
  2. MP Top Suggestions

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    We are still adding threads, you’ll see this compilation grow as new suggestions gain traction in the forums.

    Thanks @Piconi for the title & @Terco_Viejo for the graphics!
    My suggestion to enhance the combat and variety in multiplayer matches is to implement a function/buttom which allows the game to pick random armor and weapon perks for the player. When for example the player activates this feature he/she picks only the class in multiplayer but not the specific perks. Instead the game randomly shuffles the combination of the perks everytime he/she respawns. That prevents players of always choosing the same perks. That might add a further challenge or alternation to the play style. As an incentive to activate this buttom the cost of the particular class is minus 5 gold.

    Thanks for the last patch. The changes in multiplayer were well thought through. Better balance now than before! I might ask you to reduce the cost of the light archer unit of the empire to 110 gold.
  3. Archer Militia

    I agree with Apolon. The armor looks great and less similar to the recruit. The empire has no unit in multiplayer which costs only 110. I would therefore suggest to reduce the price to 110.
  4. Guard

    I am overall happy with this unit. All damage infantery should have or keep 110 hitpoints, because of the lack of armor and shield.
    Taleworlds please change the name of this unit. Aserai does not have creative names for their units, except the Mameluke. I suggest to rename this unit to palace guard or sultan´s guard.
  5. Druzhinnik

    Costs of 180 is good. Please remove the fur. Its fits best to Berserker but not to the Druzhinnik. His one handed weapon should have the same speed as the infantery. Once the Druzhinnik lost his horse he cannot compete with other heavy infantery. But I guess that is a general issue, which almost all heavy cavalry share. So please make the speed of the one handed weapon somehow similar to heavy infantery. Thanks Taleworlds.
  6. Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    The Bannerlord Multiplayer experience is awesome. Keep up the good work. It must be sometimes discouraging for the dev team to read all this hate. I like also the solution with two perks. There are so many combinations possible. It is a great comprise between a stiff class-system, like you can see in other multiplayer games, and warband, where you pick every single armor piece.
  7. Savage

    Fun class. It is too fast though. Since every other damage class has 110 hitpoints, I would give it 105 hitpoints, because it costs only 110 gold.
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