SP - Battles & Sieges Window-licking, crayon-eating commanders need better AI.

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I just saw a formation of 450+ Sturgian infantry, in a battle where the Sturgians outnumbered the Battanian army by 350 men, get absolutely mown down because the commander decided to make a shield wall and keep our archers behind them... instead of advancing and making use of the one advantage we had. So they spent almost 10 minutes flinging poo at the Battanians (who obviously had the better ranged units) from half a mile away, in a forest, before finally advancing, after most of our infantry was already wounded, and over a hundred had already been killed for just standing there, immobile. When they got close, they got absolutely torn to pieces by the mostly-unscathed Battanian Infantry. Oh, and they also had 4 TIMES! our cavalry numbers on the field. I've seen better results against Battanian archers surrounded by infantry on top of a hill, by cavalry units. This was completely surreal, and there was nothing I could do about it. No way to override the awful commands, no way to even suggest a change of tactics or approach to avoid that mess.
TaleWorlds, please.
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