SP - Battles & Sieges Improvements to Ai and Mechanics

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We can no longer set up our troops when defending sieges, or at least I can't, why would you ever remove this!?
Why can't we create custom formations like on warband?
Why do my formations change shape permanently, I can set it up how I want to begin with but one change of tactic or positioning them to close to a rock or wall fixes my troops into a shape that isn't what I want. To fix this why not be able to draw our formation across like we can in the set up phase.
When reinforcements come in they almost always further change the shape of my troops, also troops join formations that they shouldn't be a part of, for example infantry joining archers.
When my formations are automatically set up for me (when joining a battle mid-fight) sergeants are randomly assigned, there is no attempt to get a sergeant for archers with the archers.
Ai is still very broken! They still can't use some siege engines properly, in every siege I play the ai will decide to send everyone they have to one set of ladders, I can even open the gate for them and they totally ignore it!
Some formations including the circle one in open fields are broken for the ai, they just stand there and take arrow after arrow, javelin after javelin, this didn't used to be the case.
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