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Why aseri as a merchant isnt the best.

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So you want to be a merchant. Profits are your game. of course you would like too get 10% reduction in trade penalties. cheaper caravans to help start your way.

but do you really need it?

i would propose that not only do you not need the extra gold, you really dont even need any combat stats or horsemanship.

you are a trader you will make money no matter what. you are going to have one of the easiest starts in the game hands down. you have no need to fight you just need a small guard. now playing the aseri not only passivly isnt going to spike your curve much it makes your character creation sub par. you will have wasted stat points that you have no reason to have.

as a trader charm leadership trading is the butter. and as the vlad you can get all your focus points and your skill points maxed into those stats at the start of the game with no real waste. not only that but you can max out your stewardship medicine and engi a lot aswell. you are trading 10% trade penalty for better starting stats for leveling. you will get more early levels and more money from trade maxing normally this way.

as a trader you dont really need a horse either so the only other option you need is athletics and tactics.

why? because you dont care about battles. you want money. auto resolves as fast as possible which means you need tactic stats too boost your auto resolve power.
you get this how? having higher tier troops fighting higher odds.
20% bonus xp works for auto resolves. not only this but maxing leadership early gives you mentor of the meek. so you are radiating xp early.
you will level your troops trade charm athelics and tactics all early. then have stewardship and engi ready when you take castles.

on top of this you can then max out your roguery for bribes and extra loot from battles. which just happens to be next too tactics.
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