An idea for some skill leveling changes.

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I would like to have more ways to level skills. Companion skills in particular. Tactics XP, for instance, should be able to be gained by being a captain and having the captains troops score kills, just like Leadership skill is gained by having your troops kill enemy troops.
By having a companion be a governor, they should be slowly gaining XP with all skills that affect the fief. So a governor would gain XP in Stewardship, Engineering, Trade, Charm, and maybe even Surgeon. Definitely gaining Surgeon XP if the fief is besieged and casualties are taken. In addition, maybe once per day, they will participate in a practice fight in the arena if they are governing a town, and gain a small amount of random combat XP. They will already take part in Tournaments as the governor after all.

The above seem like they would be easy to implement.
The suggestion below would definitely be much harder to implement.

Also, I would enjoy being able to assign a companion to tutor myself or another companion in a specific skill if the tutors skill is higher than the students skill. And the speed at which XP would be gained by the student would be tied to the skill gap between them and their tutor, as well as any skill multipliers the student may have for the skill they are learning. Essentially, if the tutor is 100 levels higher than the student, then the student gains XP much faster than if the tutor is only 10 levels higher than the student. And if the student has focus points in the skill they are learning, they will obviously gain XP faster. However, while a companion is tutoring someone, they would not be able to do any quests for you, nor participate in battles or fulfill any roll in your party. In fact, you could make it so that if you assign a tutor to teach someone else, then they will drop off the map altogether until they are called back to your party. Though if you assign someone to tutor your character, they would be the only one to drop off the map until you recall them, which would stop the tutoring. This would let you recruit some companions for the sole purpose of teaching you, your clan members, or other more important companions, specific skills.
An important thing to note is that if you receive the "Lord needs a tutor" quest, you could not have anyone tutor them. You must have them gain XP naturally. After all, the lord wants to learn from you after all.
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