Who of the old guard are still around?

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i hop on the forums now and then but its just not the same as it was 10 years ago. used to be on at least once a day now its lucky if its once every few months
true, looked through half the off topic boards and a lot of the threads last had a message months ago. saw the users online cound and it was like 10 users and 400 guests. it used to be hundreds of members on. now everyone is off doing discords and stuff.

i think i liked it more when all the info needed was located on the forums and teamspeak and such was just for voice chatting.
Discord is especially annoying in that it leaves no permanent or searchable record of anything on it and it usually ends up creating an even stronger hivemind effect than the standard forum or subreddit.

Happy Halloween.
Did anyone ever create an Off-Topic Discord? I've never gotten into the habit of regularly visiting Discord, but I might if people I recognized were there.

Also, hi, Hirovard. Nice to see you around.
Heya, good to see you again, Ingo.

Army, Afghanistan, NCO, vintage cars, girlfriend, engagement, son, single.

That's what happened the last 13 years. :razz:
Go army! That's where I was introduced to the ways of warband a nco at the time showed me then here I am in Montana doing cowboy sh*t and bannerlordif waiting for 2.0!
I've been here for years, went by Dystopian for my longest run. It was a good forum. This place gave me so many memories from Age of Innocence to Persistent World to the Off-Topic where I met some of my friends who I still talk to. The Duck & Spackle Tavern was my home for a long time. Thank all of you even though you don't know me, I still check this place maybe once a week to see what ancalimon has to say. For real, he just posted new data!
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