When will the Viking Nord Faction arrive?

Do you think the Viking Nord Faction will release while early acces or after early acces?

  • They will release in early acces!

    Votes: 4 8.3%
  • They will release after early acces!

    Votes: 44 91.7%

  • Total voters

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Vlandians came from the sea as well right? So I guess we should also see their homeland if we get a naval DLC
Vlandians came from the sea. And their name starts with V. Ergo Vlandians are the real bannerlord vikings. It's official now, we've found our vikings. This thread can be closed.


Imo there should be some Eskimo-like tribes living on the Far North lands. In their bone-armor, bone-spears, deer mounts, all that.
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Basically because there are no ones in lore of mount and blade^^
Says who?
Maybe they hadn't been "discovered" yet because of their isolation, or maybe just not mentioned in the lore but could trade animal fats or something


You know who else was a great fan of Mount and Blade? Hitler.
Ok this is now enough iam tired of you bunch of trolls saying only bull schidd! I see u have nothing to do in life and try to troll a real fan of mount and blade... Go away from this community u bring only shame to the Mount and blade Name!
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