Please bring naval content to Bannerlord!

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Would you please bring naval content to Bannerlord. There is so much that this could bring to the game. For example travel be sea, new sea trade route opportunities, settlements on some of the islands, and so much more.

Port cites should have lots of trade opportunities and be valuable to own.

There could also be port amphibious assaults and naval battles. Sea raiders and pirates roaming the waters.

Bring the ability to own ships and cargo ships depending on your playstyle. There could be so many options here, for example longboat, caravel, cogs, carrack, galley, wargalley, and baggala. Maybe even a bit of customization to ships you own. The ability to store items and loot on larger ships. Get paid more as a mercenary if you own a warship class vessel.

Add settlements to some of the islands, or even new factions to some of the larger island chains like off the coast of Valandia.

Add merchant guilds and a banking system and maybe a Calradian Trading Company that would add quest and foster sea trade.

Bannerlord needs to be developed further and content like would be an amazing place to start.

From the Mod Banner Kings Culture expanded, you got to step up your game TW!
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I would absolutely LOVE if TaleWorlds expanded the game map through naval travel, naval battles & island settlements (and possible new trade goods), but this would most likely be added as a paid DLC.

Before any DLC, they really need to expand on the diplomacy so that there are additional options like non-aggression pacts, military alliances/defence treaties & potentially trade agreements - embargoes (which would decrease the trade penalty and prohibit caravans from visiting embargoed towns respectively). Furthermore, diplomacy should be expanded to enhance the intra-kingdom politics as well, so that enemy clans in the same kingdom try to kick each other out, or try to seize each others' fiefs. Some clans should try to oppose the ruler to limit their power/increase their own influence, try to depose the ruler to try to be the ruling clan themselves, and of course, should secede and found their own kingdom if they are strong & wealthy enough and have negative relations with the ruling clan and/or bad traits.
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It would be awesome as a DLC. But seeing how slow the development of a patch is, it's difficult to imagine seeing a DLC before years if that.
I would absolutely LOVE if TaleWorlds expanded the game map through naval travel, naval battles & island settlements (and possible new trade goods), but this would most likely be added as a paid DLC.
I've never understood why there isn't a workshop for salted / cured food. Yeah not really necessary because doesn't spoil. Maybe it should? But with sea transports it would add the perfect opportunity to add the mechanic to the game.
I would really love to see Geroia, Balion, and Nordland/Jumne added as factions. Balion could be added to the island chain to the West and add the Republic of Geroia to the islands that are between the Empire and Aserai lands. With the map changing from what it was in Warband this would work. Geroia sounds like it is based off of Genoa or the Republic of Venice and is ruled by merchants which would be awesome for this type of expansion.

You could include a merchants guilds and this area is kind of like a Mediterranean sea area and their naval power is how they keep their independence from the larger factions. They would probably have the best ships and some early version of a hulk/carrack with lots of crossbows and swordsmen. They would be extremely rich and have some trade monopiles on certain goods. The faction could have a banking system and give out loans with interest or allow you to deposit gold and make interest. If you don't pay your loans things/accidents start to happen to your clan. They would have some troops but would use lots of mercenaries. Pavise crossbows could be their main troop type and maybe some light swordsmen. Their could possibly be an assassins guild that operates out of this factions island as well as they need a way to guarantee their loans.

Balion on the other hand would be like an early English type kingdom that is plagued with raids and invasions from Nordland. They would use longbows and the infantry would use billhooks.

Nordland/Jumne would bring the Nord faction to the game and they would be a raiding and trading faction. They would focus on Longboats and gather large naval invasions from time to time and target port cities.


Republic of Gergoia port
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This is a cool idea. Too cool for taleworlds to consider it. Best to just wait another 16 years for Bannerband 3: Superbands revenge.

Maybe some day we will actually be able to influence the gigantic empty map other than with colors as well! I love building 7 upgrades for my town and walking in and seeing the exact same dead eyed stare from my guards with no other changes to the scene. Really immerses me in ways no other game could.
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