1. JA55

    Organic Factions [Sandbox]

    This could be a major quality improvement of the CORE game system. After a certain point, growing bandit parties will convert into a Bandit Elite. Something similar to this Nexus mod: Bandit Militas Then, some of the Bandit Elite will merge and get a decent number of troops to try and conquer...
  2. Zamensis

    [MAPS] 1.7.0 Physical, Political, Trade goods

    When I started playing Bannerlord, I had a hard time processing this big new continent, so I made a few maps. I hope you find them useful. Many thanks to @Vesper_ whose work saved me A LOT of time. You can find a higher resolution version of these maps here. You can use/share/edit these...
  3. In Progress Forever Peace in a war game

    Across multiple patches, and playthroughs (unmodded) I cannot progress through the game because my faction will rarely go to war. When they do, they will peace out within one or two days and will not go back to war for many days/weeks due to peace treaties. I have checked the forum and have not...
  4. LuProHD

    When will the Viking Nord Faction arrive?

    The Viking Nord faction will be for sure coming soon or later to Bannerlord. But only question is when? Will they come in early acces or after early acces? In the old Dev Blog about Sturgia they mentioned that the Nord Lands are off of the map and not presented a this point. But i noticed...
  5. Mister E Nigma

    Multiplayer poll/discussion for troop trees

    This would bring more variety and depth to the multiplayer aspect of the game and I think it would help to keep gamers wanting to return to the mp. As well as bring gamers that might not really care for the campaign but would buy and play the game for the competitiveness and tournaments.
  6. WB Coding Any way to make number of template members exceed 6?

    Any way to make number of template members exceed 6? For example, if you put more than 6 types of unit in kingdom reinforcement a, you'll get an error. Can you create more reinforcement templates for a faction other than those 3 (a, b, c)?
  7. Development suggestion

    Hello everyone! I'd like to share my idea of developing campaign mode in Bannerlord. At first i want to say that i love M&Bs and Bannerlord is a great game and im amazed that devs still listens to us. That's why im writing here my idea of campaing mode. I'll try to write as clear as possible...
  8. WB Coding Ranks in module_factions.py

    Does anyone know what the ranks argument does in module_factions.py or how it's structured? Using module system 1.171 Been looking through mods and I don't see any of them using it, factions.txt - I've been looking at these to know if it's being used, I might be wrong
  9. CaNpoG

    Faction flavor (aesthetics and gameplay)

    I feel that on paper, the factions are very interesting in bannerlord. It IMO strikes a fine balance between having completely new factions and having something familiar from Warband (and naturally the original M&B, having the same factions apart from sarranids added in Warband). In multiplayer...
  10. Feedback

    Feedback on the singleplayer campaign

    So i made an account on this forum because i would like to share my thoughts on how to improve this game, because the replayability is very low at the moment. I played through the entire campaign, experienced a couple of crashed and model bugs but played around those it is early access after...
  11. Feedback

    My feedback on the singleplayer replayability.

    So i made an account on this forum because i would like to share my thoughts on how to improve this game, because the replayability is very low at the moment. I played through the entire campaign, experienced a couple of crashed and model bugs but played around those it is early access after...
  12. RodLimitless

    New Factions Ideas

    Just some idea suggestions for new factions. I would totally make a mod for this but I've no idea how to make a mod LOL
  13. More Wars Between All Factions

    It seems like every big update is different but for the most part it seems like each faction is hardwired to attack one other faction and this is extremely frustrating, making me take a break from this game again. I'm tired of fighting the same faction constantly with no real variety. No matter...
  14. How is the factions unique identity development going?

    When the game was launched the races were totally flavorless. Culture wise, text options wise, lingo/speech wise, battle wise etc. Were there any efforts towards that direction?
  15. Factions and cultural roots in Bannerlord

    I want to talk about certain aspects of the game, which I personally love, and which I believe are often misunderstood, but work anyway. Namely the inspiration behind the glorious factions of Bannerlord. And first thing’s first – let’s start with the Empire. It is needless to say that the...
  16. CrazyElf

    The AI clans should hire companions too

    The AI clans, like the player factions, should hire companions as heroes. They would be non-noble, but companions. The reason is to supplement the AI's numbers. Some factions have fewer people than the number of party size, to give an example. Imagine a faction that has lost their existing...
  17. TheGioManDude

    Factions Should be different not only in name but also with regards to their Government, Culture, Polititcal and Societal Structures

    Currently, maybe for balance, all the factions in Calradia follow the same formula. Basically the feudal governing structure. But although this governing structure was prevalent in Europe, this was not the case for kingdoms and empires in Anatolia, Mezopotamia and the Caucasus. There could be...
  18. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    I want to recreate some of the vanilla factions of Bannerlord with vanilla stuff but dont know how to do this, wich files do i have to edit, where are this files and are they at this point of development possible to edit? And are the Warband Modding tutorials still useful or completely outdated?
  19. Sgtskywalk

    Vassal ranks

    Introduce vassal ranks, and give one to each faction leader and vassal. Current in-game vassals would probably be at 2, and faction leaders would be at 1. Introduce new vassals with lower ranks (3,4). Vassals with lower ranks are sworn to a vassal with a higher rank instead of the faction's...
  20. Better Bandits and better marriage

    I believe that it must be the choice of the player to marry, being thus allowed every single woman in the game to receive a marriage proposal and the nobles would bring privileges while companions and npcs of the city would give other smaller buffs. As for the question of bandits, I think we...
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