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I has some mixed feelings about how you could solo every map with just your hero alone. Those few ultra rare times when I actually did bring my army along, the battle just became completely one sided. Playing with the hero alone was mildly exciting but too easy at times. Aside from that, I still sank a few hundred hours into the game.

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McBeverage said:
@Argeus: Ah, **** yeah, never actually had the whole story spelled out for me, and I've only played VI, tbh.  Danke!  Kinda awesome/ridiculous.

You're welcome.

I actually believe the entire M&M plotline is a classic case of cramming everything JVC thought cool into it - alines, advanced civilizations, swords and sorcerers, angels and dragons, and...

wetsuit-wearing returning precursors in a sunken spaceship full of laser-armed killer droids that the player characters have to swim into and beat the crap out of to get some whatchamacalits for said precursosrs to complete their goals. Trufax (M&M VII)

Depending on whom you ask it is either brilliant or ridiculous.


About to play hitman once its finished preloading. I can only hope the negative review I read is false (not that I care since I got it for $26 or so on GMG).

Edit : From the review :

That’s not even its biggest problem. Its biggest problem is that it doesn’t have a save function, so every screw-up or glitch of game logic costs you a galling amount of pointless repetition. Very rarely there are mid-mission checkpoints, but even if you can find them, they don’t save vital aspects of your progress.

Guess I can ignore this guy since he seems like a whiny *****. OMG no auto save, losses points :/

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Oh hey, thread got stickied.

Anyway, NWN Eye of the Beholder campaign. Only two words: Holy 5#!T. Why can't Bioware's original campaigns be this cool?



Played some XCOM:EU earlier, been playing some CiV too (Got it for free when buying XCOM), going to play PS2 when the DL is finished... Oh, and CK2. Lots and lots of CK2.

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Hehey. I just finished AC Revelations. And now I've gotten back into my WW1 tactics playthrough of Empire TW.
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