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I think it's been done before, but a cursory search shows me that it's lost in the annals of time.

Basically, this thread is like the "What are you listening to/reading right now?" threads in the Arts subforum, except its for games (be it of the digital or analogue (but not sporty) kind).

I think it can double up as a "oh hey how's that game?" thread for games that don't have their own threads.

Right now, I've got a copy of Tales of Vesperia I'm playing through. I've always liked the Tales series, and saw that it was cheap.

Aside from minor character annoyances, I'm enjoying it a lot.

Also about to finish Fable 2, and maybe pick up 3. Dunno if I should go for American McGee's Alice + Madness returns first though. Anyone played those yet?


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I recently got Risen and it's really good actually. Only problem is that the cutscenes and voiceacting are a little lacking but you get used to it.


Gothic 3 with community patch. Interesting game and highly frustrating but I can't quit it! I love sniping those critters too much  :lol:


I just looked through all my steam games and noticed I have Dark Messiah there.. Haven't played it in yonks, ever since it came out, downloading it now then going to give it a blast.


Played through Mass Effect, propably going to import my char and start ME2 again.

Also Warband as usual.


Medal of Honor Airborne.

I would like it if the enemy wouldn't constantly respawn, would only take one shot to kill and wouldn't be able to see through walls.


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Isn't this easily solved by Steam? :lol:

But seriously, Right about to play some Native Expansion maybe.
Jhnking said:
If I can run Medieval 2 with a 7-8 year old PC, you can.
tell me about your RAM and your graphics card .

what is the size of music files in the game ?
I'll delete them , once I get it , to save some HDD space . :twisted:
There are barbarian raids, but they're a minor thing. Building a functional city (duh) is the gist of the game. It looks quite pretty too.
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