We're at the end of Q2 2022. Do you think we are going to have a "Futur Plans V2" ? ?

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With the 1.8.0, Bannerlord made a great step forwards its release but the game is still far from the release.

So as Taleworlds said last year in the Futur Plans post that their were aiming for Q2 2022 to release the game, do you think that we are going to get a new Futur Plans post before the end of the month ?

The first Futur Plans post has been posed around the time that they were aiming last year ☝

Futur Plans post: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/261550/view/4509778749610642532

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I think that we will get get 1.9 in 2-3 months and then after 2-3 months we will get 2.0 what will be the release.

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With Taleworlds no longer sticking to a regular patch schedule, it's impossible to accurately predict how long it will take them. I strongly doubt earlier than Q1 2023 though... unless they leave the game in an unfinished and broken state.

But back on the original topic of the post, out of the new singleplayer features told to us on the Future Plans post in August 2021:

* Battle terrain system: ✅
* Companion peerage: ✅
* Order of battle: ✅ (needs tweaking still)
* Banner bearers: ❌
* Party templates: ✅
* Cut Scenes: ✅
* Sally out mission: ❌
* Claimant quests: ❌
* Voices for greetings: ❌
* AI death in simulation: ✅
* Respec perks: ✅
* Retire player character: ❌
* Battle Ambient Sound System: ❌

I think when a few more of those are done a new future plans post will be justified.

We need to know what Taleworlds is planning to do about Criminal Enterprises, a feature which is advertised on the Steam Store but is still not in any future plans post, and Minor Faction Bases, which were displayed in the 2016 demo. There are also numerous missing features from Warband which Bannerlord still needs if it is going to be a proper sequel.


2023 and counting.

There is too much announced stuff missing from TW to complete the game in this year.

If they go from one major patch every 3-4 months to 1 major patch each month then maybe 2022. But we all know that this won´t happen.
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Yeah, if there's one thing I have learned from Bannerlord EA, it's that you can't expect things that you usually would (from a normal developer).

If you do hope for such normal, sensible things .... you will be disappointed every time.
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The game is still years away from being finished, regardless of what the official "release date" is. And TaleWorlds have been consistently incorrect, and downright liars, when it comes to features, content, and target dates.


do you think that we are going to get a new Futur Plans post before the end of the month ?

no. i think the future plans blog is the roadmap until release. as soon as all the things mentioned are somehow implied, the game is going to get out of early access. until not all the things mentioned are covered there wont be another future plans blog and if there is, it's going to be about things after release (f.e. implying steam mod workshop). that's what i expect.

future plans key features missing in the game: claimant quests, banner bearers.
maybe 3 months of work for that, in addition to other minor and/or not mentioned things & fixes

--> i think release is september/october 2022


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Hold my drink...:lol:

Gamescom 2022. From Wednesday, 24 August to Sunday, 28 August.


Go Taleworlds, you can do it! :iamamoron:
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