A Letter To Taleworlds From the Console Community.

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Hello everyone! I am a warband and bannerlord player that’s enjoyed the series since 2013 I am simply attempting to be a sort of voice or just way of getting some form of answers for the console part of the community. Recently I’ve only been able to play bannerlord on console and have noticed major issues regarding this version of the game.. the console community has understandably reacted very badly to the insane amount of issues/bugs that continue to plague consoles.. from missing textures, crashes, audio bugs the ability to not even destroy kingdoms properly etc we don’t even have custom banners on console. There are many that may call the console outcry an immaturity thing but it’s just a community of players that are dealing with issues and feel as if they aren’t being communicated with and rather are being straight up ignored in some way so I ask taleworlds devs, what is going on with console bannerlord? social media accounts continuously ask for some form of streamline communication from the devs, me and many others realize the hardship of developing a game but communicating can go such a long way in this community… the console version of bannerlord currently is almost unplayable through and through and it has been that way for months while pc players are being dripped new content I have not done another Playthrough of bannerlord since it released in October of last year for consoles. The future of this game isn’t exactly clear and me and many others in the community would just like some form of communication regarding the state of the game many people are confused, angry and upset. I and others do appreciate the work that has been done to port this game over and have it stable as can be but it is extremely difficult to sit back when after major updates to the console version of the game it is very hard to play, multiplayer in itself is also essentially dead on consoles aswell and saves are getting corrupted the list of issues goes on many essential features pc players have access too just isn’t there for us and we seem to not really have a voice here so I decided to post this thread and hopefully get the right eyes on these huge issues effecting the console version because at the end of the day we are also consumers and buyers of this game we want to see it at its best with working content and many of us feel conned because of the bare state of the game right now. Thank you if you took the time to read this I am just someone who wants this game to be as complete as it can be.
This game feel unfinished and dont understand why they release and put it on console. I know they keep improve BL overtime but too slow, People begging for short answer, small pieces of information in some threads. If TW keep don't change the way they work, then BL will be an example for who buying their next products
For some of us on console, this is starting to feel like warband on console all over again. Bunch of promises, gifts of letdowns. Makes me wish I had just waited a few years to buy so the game was cheap.
I am on Console Ps4/Ps5. I Started Playing BL when it came out on Ps4 on October 25, 2022. I am really honest when i say that my game hardly had any crashes or problems, even big Bugs. I Did have issues with Corrupted save data but that was easily to evade when you made new saves instead of overwrite exsisting ones. And that issue have been adressed with patches, so now it should work normal. I really had a Blast with the Campaign, i still playing on my very first Campaign, the one i started on Release day. I am really sorry to hear you have all these issues. But not everyone had these. Grtz Vaan.
The simple answer is Taleworlds are glacial at developing. That's it they are just slow, a lot of us have sort of figured out why but it's just conjecture.
Mods are something that makes the game a lot better but since you are on console you can't access them.
If TW keep don't change the way they work, then BL will be an example for who buying their next products
Indeed. Warband, even the PS4 version, was a mostly functional game on release with only a broken quest here and there. The long and constant auto-saves was annoying, but not enough to deter me, especially after the patch that made it possible to save manually instead.

Bannerlord, by contrast, is largely broken and requires extraordinary patience due to the near-constant crashes and many issues, including the long-standing "dirty banner/shield" issue. Having to wait a year or so for this to be slightly improved would be acceptable if this was a free game we're helping a friend bug-test or a beta we opted into; it's another thing entirely when it's allegedly official and an indicator that whoever publishes these games has extremely low quality assurance standards and that interested players ought to wait years after, if it all, before buying.

I had fun playing Bannelord and do look forward to the next long playthrough, but I've spent essentially a year with the game "in repair" and it's clearly an extreme case where buying sooner/earlier is spending the most for the worst version of the game while waiting (several years, presumably) results in spending the least for the best version.

If there's a M&B3, I'll be paying very close attention to how the community reacts so I know whether I should do as I said and wait several years or if it's "safe" to risk the time and money in buying close to release.
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