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thanks man, got the v3.5 up and running. still too early to notice anything majorly off. one thing I noticed right off the bet is the 4 Teutonic town merchants carrying baltic gear (culture #14 as opposed to #10). please disregard if it is so by design. As for me, I've used the savegame editor to change them to culture #10.
This is by design. You will notice that they also carry items from the teutonic order. This is because the merchants get items based on the fief's culture (baltic in this case) and their owner's faction (teutonic order). You can completely eliminate one or the other by going into the enhanced options and increasing/decreasing the merchant item options. Note that they will not change immediately, you have to wait until they refresh to see changes.


Couple things I've noticed so far - smaller one being that freelance equipment isn't being removed from the inventory after leaving, and the bigger issue I'm having is that whichever faction I'm in won't declare war or make peace as long as I'm a part of it, even if I'm just freelancing. They stay at perpetual war (as long as the enemy faction exists) or peace until I leave the faction, then declare war / make peace within a week or two of me leaving.

Edit: Also some factions are having a problem with gathering armies and starting offensives. They'll gather armies over a few days and then just suddenly change their minds and disperse. They'll do this constantly.
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I think CTT troops are still way too weak to be any useful compared to regular top tier ones, so I just don't bother setting it up. Some lords still spawn with no armor whatsoever, which I suspect has something to do with this. Would be nice if we were given an option to turn CTT off entirely when starting a new game, or alternatively have lord equipment dialog thrown in to correct this manually at least.


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KratosMKII: Thank-you so much for your hard work in breathing new life into this great mod.

I have not been gaming for several years, since changing my daily driver from Win7 to Linux. When I recently got the hankering to start playing again I was pleased to discover that Warband works great under WINE and started checking for updates to some of my favorite historical mods. I hit the jackpot with finding your new enhanced edition with current updates ongoing!

Off to play now, thanks again.

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I just passed from the original 1257 A.D mod to the enhanced version, and I'm getting a lot of strange red errors during battles and sometimes other features break, such as when you are in a market and trying to sell something. The item drop menus don't appear to show the stats of items. Other problems including recruitment not working, weird artifact text and graphical bugs.

I'm pretty sure I might have messed up the installation, but I'm not sure how I could have. I downloaded from Nexusmods. I used the .exe to install and then overwrite them with the latest patch.

Anyone know what I could have done wrong? I'll leave a screenshot of some errors that appear.



Solution! You need the latest patches available on the official Discord. It not only fixed all my error messages, it increased load time and performance drastically. Go get them if you guys have the same issue.
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There are few thing that I want to mention:
1, Oviedo bug, which that the fief is given to player and was turned into a neutral place.
2, When enlisted in an army and take leave, there are no option for you to rejoin the army so one would have to resign from army and re-enlist.
3, Bounty mission of highest rewards, i.e. around 1600 cannot be completed, no mission finished notification when the target is killed and so you have to abort mission.
4, Abort bounty mission causes way too low relation reduction, even though this does not matter that much, its still a weird thing.
5, I have made an animation for thumb draw with khatra, you might be interested in employing that in this mod by either adding a tag in moudule system or tag eastern bow with shoot_pistol / shoot_musket and assign them with the new animation. You can check out this thread if you are interested.

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