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SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

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thanks man, got the v3.5 up and running. still too early to notice anything majorly off. one thing I noticed right off the bet is the 4 Teutonic town merchants carrying baltic gear (culture #14 as opposed to #10). please disregard if it is so by design. As for me, I've used the savegame editor to change them to culture #10.
This is by design. You will notice that they also carry items from the teutonic order. This is because the merchants get items based on the fief's culture (baltic in this case) and their owner's faction (teutonic order). You can completely eliminate one or the other by going into the enhanced options and increasing/decreasing the merchant item options. Note that they will not change immediately, you have to wait until they refresh to see changes.
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