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SP Other [Animations] Self-made bow animation for eastern style bow

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I made an animation for my own gekokujo submod last year and I decided to give it a final polish (mostly because I am unsatisfied with AD1257's bow animation) and release it, it features a eastern style thumbdaw, in particular the style is based on Satsuma Koshiya Kumiyumi, even though their demostration does not contain khatra, I have decided to add such feature for aesthetics and allows boarder use.

Since this is only a .brf file, I believe that it would be better to post it here as a resources for any interested modder, you can use additional tags or unused ranged tags (most likely shoot_musket and shoot_pistol, though for mods without crossbows, i.e. gekokujo, shoot_crossbow is also viable) for this animation, info on the frames is attached in the zip file for easy use.

Resources Download:

Screenshot taken while testing with AD1257 Enhanced edition.


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