OSP Dark Ages 3D Art Viking model pack(update september 2010)

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Please, can you finally help us? you only have to say what must we write in our items_kinds, what to write in our module file and things like these. Please help!


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Dejawolf, is there any chance of you adding more stuff to this pack like you did with the Helmet Pack? Also, the rigging of the bottom of the legs of the byrnie is messed up.


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IIRC (it's been a long time, so I may be wrong) I made adjustments to the rig for certain things when I made that optimized pack.  I simply don't remember whether anything about the legs was adjusted or not, but I do remember adjusting a lot of vert weights and positions for the byrnie's trim.  Anyhow, the legs are just about perfect over here.

Oh, and I rigged / normalmapped the Valgarde, Deja.  If you'd like it, let me know sometime :smile:


Duke Daniel Milutin said:
Is the houses just props or does they have something inside?
These are all just meshes and textures (items and props). No scenes are included. Though you could of course create a scene that uses the house prop, add a passage, and link to one of the already existing Nord hall scenes (or create your own).


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I have a problem I can't understand english very well, so i don't know what must I do. I have yet Morgh's text editor, but it don't have any options to add items. Well, It have, but only using another object as base. It uses another meshes. How can I add new meshes? How can I add the Viking meshes?


sorry to necro, but just wanted to say that the shields turned out awesome and so did the byrnie. My problem is that the axes and spears I tried to add show up in the game completely white. Any help on this? Thanks in advance!


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I am having several modular errors when adding the spears.

I get itp_spear is not defined error in with the spears alone. All the other items work fine.. Can anyone help me out?


I am also having the same problem as Haulfr. Some armor and weapons appear completely white ingame. Even tough they appear fine in the brf files.




Wow, those look excellent. I'm assuming that you've done quite a bit of research into them, so I have to ask - roughly what time period are they dated to? I'm trying to make a mod set in 4th/5th century Europe, and some of those helmets, weapons and shields would be awesome for the Germanic faction I'm making...I just don't want to add them in only to find out I've given them stuff that's impossible to be there, and wouldn't come along for another 800 years!


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Laidlaw said:
I did do that I did notice that a lot of the models showed up with blue & white checkered textures I fixed that by copy-pasting the materials and textures into them. For example the viking weapons didn't show up right so I went into vikingmaterials.brf and copy-pasted the vikingweapons material into vikingweapons.brf  same with the textures. Now I could see the models right in openBRF but still white textures in-game.

You need to put the textures themselves in your mods textures folder.


Is it just me, or does the textures lack a normalmap? For instance, the viking weapons I imported into game were bright as a Christmas tree during night time  :lol:


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Then you need to adjust the shader. Probably they are using the "simple shader". You need the "specular shader".

The simple shader makes the object look like it is on the normalmap. It does not support shadows and stuff on the object.
Thats the reason why everything looks this bright.

The specular shader will allow the object to shine in the sun and to have shadows.
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