OSP Dark Ages 3D Art Viking model pack(update september 2010)

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Can somebody help me?

I have been trying to replace the Native helmets in-game using Morgh's Editor and OpenBRF with the Viking Helmets I have downloaded here from Dejawolf.

My problem is that the textures do not appear in the game although I have both the resources and the textures in their appropriate folders.

My next attempt to solve the issue was to rid of the vikingmaterials.brf in the folder, and then import the .DDS files as materials. Again, the model in OpenBRF displayed the model with the textures but were not shown in-game.

Then I imported the vikinghelmets.dds and the vikinghelmetspec.dds as textures to the vikinghelmets.brf, and then created a material using both sources and copy/pasted all the information found in the vikingmaterials.brf. AGAIN! OpenBRF displays the helmets with their textures, but it still does not show the textures in the game.

I am about to break out crying over this. May some knowledgeable person help me?
dunno, check that the textures are in the right folder, (should be under modname/textures i think) and that you use  scan_module_textures = 1
I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their item_kinds entries for this pack if they have the info within easy reach? It's been a damn long time since I've had to insert anything from scratch and I doubt I remember... There wasn't anything for all the items within the thread that I could find unfortunately.

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