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Hello, all.

I've made a set of vaegir and khergit maces for my mod and some .lod2 for them.
Prototypes for vaegir maces are russian iron and bronze maces of XI - XIII centuries, for khergit maces - mongolian maces of XIII-XIV centuries.
All cavalry maces are about 70 units long (vaegir_light_cavmace is 75), infantry maces are 55 and 60 units long. They have about 200 - 350 polygons (vaegir heavy cavalry maces have under 500). lod2 have about 30 - 150 polygons.
Two khergit flanged maces were originally made by Gluck. I've only made some small changes, reunwrapped and retextured them. I put them here only to make a whole set.

All maces:

Vaegir cavalry maces:

Vaegir infantry maces:

Khergit cavalry maces (flanged maces were originally made by Gluck):

Khergit prototipes.
Vaegir prototipes:

Please use my maces in your mods, if you like them.

Vaegir and Khergit mace pack



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Graylord said:
What makes them specifically "Vaegir and Khergit"?
Nothing, except the fact, that their prototypes are known russian and mongolian maces  :wink:
If we consider vaegirs and khergits to be like medieval russians and mongolians, then we may use this weapons for them as historically accurate maces.


A bit of a bump, but I was interested in this pack but noticed the link no longer worked so I looked it up manually on Janus' Repository.

This is the current link. All of the maces use Native materials and textures and most of them have .lod2 but the newest versions of OpenBRF can make new .lods anyway.

Also, I'm baffled this thread just slid into oblivion without even a second page. I know I'm going to use these maces anyway.
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