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As much as enabling the player to create his own complete troop tree/culture would be nice it might be technically difficult and it wouldn't make sense from the history of Calradia. (you can't have a completely new culture popping out of nowhere).

However to enhance the player immersion in the game the three followings could be implemented:

1. Enabling minimal existing troop customization (ie I can swap my Heavy Mameluke Horse archers shield for another stack of arrows, or swap the shield of my battanian skirmishers for another stack of javelin, etc). This would create a bit of diversity when playing a faction and create your own style of warfare utilizing the backbone of that culture by tweaking it according to your character's way of war. (I believe this already exist in the multiplayer mode of the game so it shouldn't be too hard to implement in single player)

2. Enabling more extensive customization of the mercenary troops. They are mercenary anyway so the player should be able to equip their later tier according to his own style/creating his own variant. In the late middle ages, companies of the veteran would form up and seek mercenary contracts in this or this region of Europe.

3. Enabling a single customizable line of troop (similar to the smaller factions like the "hand" troops for example). This isn't a whole new culture, it is a single troop line so the progression is linear and it makes sense according to how factions/culture work already.
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