1. Please add a non-silly hat for the Sturgian Berserker

    Sturgian Berserkers used to wear bear pelts on their heads by default but at one point it was changed. Now this wouldn't be a problem if the bear pelt was still accesible through customization but it isn't. Instead we only have variations on the same hat and a silly leather cap. I know Sturgia...
  2. Grank

    Resolved Aserai Tribal Warrior - Helmet customization doesn't work

    Summary: Changing the helmet of Aserai Tribal Warrior in Customization doesn't change the helmet in match. How to Reproduce: Open Customization, pick Aserai, pick Tribal Warrior, change the helmet to "Kefiyyeh with Silken Band", play TDM as Aserai and pick Tribal Warrior Scene Name (if related)...
  3. Snorri

    Weapons in customization (Multiplayer)

    The system is already in the single-player, why not just limit that (so players could not modify weapon specs, just a look of it) and add it to the multi? It of course should go with change of prices or gains of loot.
  4. Crypex

    Will TW give players custom shield banners with the new customization options ?

    Already have the framework from SP why not just move it to MP.
  5. In Progress The Barber makes me fat!

    Summary: Visiting the barber screwed with my characters body proportions, as soon as I agree to his offer and get to the customization screen, my characters body, who was a lean guy before, blows up and I basically become a huge target. This only applies if I click "Done" in the customization...
  6. dijiTurk

    is it icrease that? really? [poll]

    Goal: +100 votes.
  7. SettraTheImperishable

    Turn off idle animations during character creation

    This is a minor issue, but for people like me, who like to spend a lot of time in the character creation menu making sure every facial feature is adjusted (near) perfectly, the movements the character make can become quite annoying. When I play an rpg game that has indept character...
  8. Troops Customisation

    As much as enabling the player to create his own complete troop tree/culture would be nice it might be technically difficult and it wouldn't make sense from the history of Calradia. (you can't have a completely new culture popping out of nowhere). However to enhance the player immersion in the...
  9. Resolved Most hair and beard options missing when editing character mid-game

    Bug Description: - I noticed this bug was listed under the "known issues" list, but on the list it is described as something like "hair and beard options disappear when resetting character customization". - I wanted to let you guys know that the issue likely encompasses more than just the reset...
  10. Créoth Jäger

    Resolved Çözüm üretilmesi gereken bir sorunum var.

    Selam arkadaşlar. Yeni bir oyuna başlarken, erkek kahramanımı, kahraman yaratma menüsünde adım adım oluşturduktan sonra kahramanımın dış görünüşünü sonradan, oyun esnasında 'V' tuşunu kullanarak değiştirmek istediğim zamanlar oluyor. Problem burada. Kahraman düzenleme menüsünün saç ve sakal...
  11. Resolved Character Creation Hair Options Missing

    When I first created my character all of the options appeared as expected (20+ beards/hair). However, upon entering character creation in-game by pressing V, in addition to all the other options (which seem to appear as normal), my hair options are limited to about 4 and beard options are...
  12. TheGioManDude

    Ability to Discard Armor, Weapons and Clothes in Skirmish/Siege

    I miss the old days in Warband where I could go into battle as a naked man. This would allow me to save money as well as require me to rely on my pure combat skills. Please bring back the ability for us to choose which weapons and armors we want. THis can be easily integrated into the current...
  13. BOHÉMiÁN'Celts

    Customization of kingdom production

    Hello there! I got an idea... It would be nice to have option to choose whether I grow crops for sale, or for my own workshops. I was thinking even about possibility to choose what crops do you want to grow, and to choose if they are for sale or if they are for our own kingdom produce. ''For...
  14. Character Creator should have a Overhaul

    When it was announced it sounded like it would have a lot of depth compared to many other games and create any face you wanted. But older games such as Soul Calibur 6, Black Desert Online and Dark Souls surpass this. Additional Choices: Pick chin hair and moustache hair independently ear...
  15. Beeflip

    Unresolved Unable To Choose A With Fire and Sword Faction When Choosing "Favorite Faction"

    Hello, I am posting this here because I do not know where else to put it. When going through the settings of your forum account, there is a drop-down menu where you can choose your favorite faction. If the WFAS factions can be added, so that I may exalt my support for the Crimean Khanate...
  16. Separate beard and mustache customization

    Greetings, The mustache comes attached to a beard in all the games with character creation I experienced. And I often find myself wanting to combine the specific mustache with a specific beard, the combination of which is not present in character customization menu. Same in the Bannerlord. Maybe...
  17. wherearewee

    Let us customize and rename random companions

    When we hire a randomly generated companion from a tavern, it would be really great if we had the option to rebuild their physical appearance from scratch (including gender and what faction they hail from), and rename them to our liking.
  18. Hairy Yahoo

    Clans, Customization and Duel Server

    Hello, I'm a veteran warband player with more than 2,5k hours in the game. I have 3 main concerns regarding multiplayer aspect of the game (1.0.4) . First, lack of duel server. Because of that I find it hard to test and understand stun times of hits, effectiveness of footwork and outspamming...
  19. wherearewee

    Customizing Companions in the Character Creation Menu

    Since all the companions are randomly generated anyway, would it be possible to add the option to customize the new companion's look in the character creation menus? I would love to see that.
  20. Current state of game enforces unfun gameplay.

    Warband was also guilty of this, but let me elaborate. I spent most of my Warband gameplay in multiplayer at The Deluge mod, the one I find being the most realistic (no weird things like jumping attacks, shields crumble after 2 hits and bows are pretty inaccurate) and balanced incarnation of M&B...
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