Tournaments: Not a trial of skill but who the luckiest is.

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Every time I'm playing a tournament I have a 90% chance of not getting a weapon I'm good with. I'll get the slow two handed axe or the nerfed spear that has the ability to almost do damage.

What is this all about? Then I finally beat the tournament: Whoops we're retardy u get noes reward!!! Try again tomorrow when we will grant you stupid weapons again.


Some tournament tend to generate certain weapons ... so I tend to simply stay away from areas which give me bows because that is my biggest weakness in this mod.  The key to winning tournaments is to control your team have them hold w/ F1 ... and then defend your ground if your team splits then you will lose.  I think tournament are actually well done in this mod and have few complaints in this regard ... my only request would be to get rid of daggers at least give a weapon with which you can block.

I think in a separate note that the Irish Short-sword, with its length of 70 I believe, should have the ability to block ... and would be a splendid replacement then for the daggers.
When I get bad weapons, I wait for teammates to die, then pick up theirs.

Seems the easiest solution to "Dammit, bow again..."


Its skill to survive long enough to pick up a weapon you are good at =p I enjoy the challenge, not knowing what you are going to get is fun.



There is a way to be absolutly leathal with a spear, inspite of the AI's propencity for geting as close to you as it can. All you have to do is aim to the side of your target, left or right realy dosen't matter. Then start the attack and track the mouse over to the target. The system mearly tracks how long the animation plays befor contact with the target is made so if you have to move the weapon on to the target after the attack is started it will think the target is realy farther away than actualy is and calculate your hit as such. It isn't an ideal fix but it is a decent enuf work-around.


I like the choice of wepons except the bow seems a bit nerfed in this mod (very slow compared to native) if i get s pear i put away the shield and swing it like a club. A very nice thing  is you actualy get more than 1 wepom witch is very helpful since i dont like spears and you usualy get a short sword with it


Well the spear swing is 11 damage? Not a very good weapon for anything but stabbing. But when you're trying to stab only way to damage is to glitch as said above.
Cantware (Cantwaraburh) tournaments are pretty much all melee with javelins for backup.  Hand Axe + Shield is a setup that occurs here that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Once you get a character to Lvl 5+ Power Strike and Lv 3+ Shield this Tournament becomes a relative easy affair to repeat over and over.  That said I also find that if you have skilled up your Power Draw to 4+ and have 150+ proficiency in bows that the all bow tournaments are equally easy (London I think is like this?).  Since bows are much weaker than javelins you have much less chance of getting the random javelin to the face that goes clean through your shield and does 100+ damage..


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No weapon is problem for me apart from javelins... why they are so slow in melee mode? Javelin is like spear, so is there a way for using 'polearms' proficiency while in melee instead of 'throwing weapons'?
What's worse, I don't get second weapon when I start with javelins, is that a bug or what? When I get javelin in some last fight, I simply use ctrl+F4...


Idibil, i personally think you should keep it how it is its not fun winning every torny however i think you should change the rewards to any random weapon in the mod


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Random weapons is fine, I suppose. It makes them a bit more difficult, if a bit frustrating at times.

Aside from that, 'blunted' sharp and piercing weapon variants should be used, bows and javelins taken out. To make it a bit more realistic, anyway. That is, in the sense, if the sub-roman period had these kinds of tourneys, they would have had some sort of reduction in lethality to the weapons used.

Making them rarer is probably a good idea, I think, considering the time period.

Possibly add a few 'forced' gladitorial fights for when taken prisoner? Pitted against other slaves/criminals. No bets, some fame, no-reward other than a small chance to win your freedom?

*slips back into oblivion*


that would be sick i think it would be cool to make like death trials where one person has to defend with no weapon and the others have axes :twisted:

btw that would be impossible to win :smile:
Really the best thing you can do is grab a weapon from a knocked out opponent/team mate. If it is just you against someone else and you spawn with a weak weapon... don't use it. Kick them into submission. Works best if you can lure them over to a wall where they have no where to go while you simply kick them to sleep.


To be honest even if I really think that javelins and bows should be banned from tournaments (or a proper backup provided), the worst thing is not this.

In Warband (it was not in 1.011!) what usually happend is that 3-4 guys run at me at the same time, one after the other. I try to retreat backwards while bashing the skull of the first.
In the meanwhile the second and the third person in this strange row is able to attack me through the guy standing up front. When I swing one from the 3 will interrupt.

That is more annoying then bows and javelins.

But that doesn't mean if bows and javelins were taken out, I wouldn't be very happy  :grin:

edit: I also think it is not fun to get javelins and bows. If I die with javelins or bows, I just reload a save before the tournament.


Idibil said:
javelins were important weapon in this time, it was use previus melee

When used in melee, they don't have enough reach, and they are the slowest weapon in the arena. Dunno.

You have a point of course, but at the moment when I get javelins, I have to reload (to correct this curse :grin:) about 50% of the time. (the other 50% is when a I can pick up something useful from a fallen)

Braxton said:
My point is that the tournament is a great example of how flawed to weapon statistics are.

The tournament weapons have different scaling then the normal weapons.
Try it yourself, a few swings in the arena with the 2handed axe, and buy one from the shops. I think they use different stat layout.
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