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  1. Tongueless Orvar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Royal Guard

    The Royal Guard would be a top tier unit (preferably better than noble units) that would only be within the ruling clan’s parties. They would provide a challenge for defeating the capitals and the ruler’s armies. They would most likely be infantry and would wear Lord level gear as well as having...
  2. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestions for Troops, and Interactions with other Nobles.

    1: I'd love to see the game *encourage* Lords (player and NPCs) to use units of their own culture. It always bugs me that Caladog seems to ride around with a dozen or two of Imperial Cataphracts, considering their shared history. If they're going to be hiring units from another culture, let it...
  3. How to create a Dragon?

    This is related to M&B Warband AWOIAF How to create new NPC/troop,....i.e,.... Flying and fire breathing Dragon?
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