Suggestion for Devs, 3rd Person Camera Fix

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I'm going to @AVRC because he good at looking into issues like this. I think the 3rd Person Camera needs a slight adjustment and here is what I mean... When im fighting enemies in really any gamemode, I'm going to refer to skirmish primarily, there are multiple times when I get pushed into a corner and have to try to fight my way out. However I have my 3rd Person View set as far back as it goes and that causes issues especially on the Port of Omor map, but also in other places, where there are alot of objects all over the place that can obstruct that view. The worst spot is where there is a drap over a wall or shop stall near the C point that gets in the way during PvP and has gotten me killed many times.

My Solution: Similar to games like Age of Empires 3 when your view is obstructed from what your trying to control, in this case your character, they make it so that objects that obstruct the view of the player and fall between the camera and "asset" will become invisible, making it easier to interact with your "asset" or, if implemented in Bannerlord, would make it easier to continue the fight when backed up in a corner.


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Noudelle already tried...Check this.

It seems they are reluctant to modify any of this... I commented about the 3rd person view here, 1st person view here and after giving up on giving feedback, I ended up creating a small tweak in Nexus. Too bad I can't use it in MP.
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