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[OSP][WB][Submod] In Vain's TLD Scene Pack

What started as a small personal project, has over the course of the year developed into some kind of overhaul of at present most and maybe eventually every major settlement scene in TLD. The original TLD scenes, while still outstanding, were designed as light as possible to run on even the weakest computers. However, to me, some settlements (especially Dale and Minas Tirith) felt a bit too small, so I started expanding them. Soon, I also modified sieges in order to make them a bit more interesting, challenging and, all in all, meaningful, even more so since sieges are so rare in this mod. Right now, the collection consists of some scenes that are slightly modified, some more heavily changed and then some completely new creations.

Just as TLD, this package is an OSP, so you're free to change, re-upload or incorporate it into other mods. Please give me some credit. :smile:
Keep in mind that you'll need most if not all of the TLD scene props to use these scenes. In the package, I only included those props added or modified by me.

Please be also aware that some scenes are far bigger than their original counterparts. They will all take some time to load and may or may not cause lag on older machines, althoug I tried to skimp on particle effects like smoke. For comparison: I have a low-mid-tier rig with an Intel i5 4570 and a Radeon R9 270X and all scenes run fine.
If you use battle sizer, I recommend reducing the battle size to ~100 for sieges. Not only for performance reasons, but also because I think this gives you a bit more time to enjoy the scene.
Not all sieges are thoroughly tested, so please let me know of any problems you encounter.

Okay, here we go.

List of scenes

Minas Tirith: basically re-done. Looks huge now, but only a small portion is walkable. Much more complex and atmospheric siege scene (expect to die).





Pelennor Fields: own creation, still needs some crop fields

Pelargir: vastly expanded, new siege scene, needs some more details


West Osgiliath: expanded, changed siege a bit.

Cair Andros: Recreation, kept some features


Dol Amroth: recreated, but kept original concept


Edhellond, Lossarnach, Calembel: minor changes in siege scenes

Hornburg: recreated, no new siege scene yet

Isengard: recreated, expanded
see this post

Nan Curunir: slightly changed

Uruk-Hai camps: some small changes to siege scenes

Mordor see this post
Morannon: slightly expanded, adjusted siege scene

Minas Morgul: new creation

East Osgiliath: expanded, changed siege a bit.

Southern evil factions
Umbar Camp, Harad Camp, Khand Camp: slightly expanded, no new siege scenes yet

Northern evil factions
Dol Guldur: new creation
see this post

Moria and Gundabad: Slightly changed to make siege more interesting.

Northern good factions
Thranduils Halls: slightly expanded

Erebor: heavily expanded
Gates of Erebor / Erebor siege: new creation
see this post for both

Dale: new creation, at the moment lacks some props that are not OSP. Will have to find suitable replacements.
see this post, but without cupolas, palace and hall

see this post

The original and current TLD team for creating and keeping alive this great mod. This OSP is also meant as a tribute to you. TLD for M&B .808 was my reason to buy this game in the first place.
Gutekfiutek for some textures I recklessly stole from his great Polished Buildings pack
Ruthven for some water particle effects which I did not yet manage to get to work properly |-)

To do / known bugs
  • Get to work the water particle systems. Seems I'm still missing some WB materials.
  • Fiddle with the water plane prop (too transparent at the moment). I'd be glad if someone could help me here.
  • Replace Dale props I had to leave out because they are non-OSP.
  • Add Hornburg siege scene

Unpack the package into your TLD folder (create a backup first!), allow to overwrite. Add the following entries to your module.ini, placing the first one (JB_textures) at the beginning or at least before the TLD entries, all others at the end.

load_mod_resource = JB_textures

load_mod_resource = JB_fake_houses
load_mod_resource = JB_Dale
load_mod_resource = JB_Morgul
load_mod_resource = JB_map_icons
load_mod_resource = JB_landscape_elements
load_mod_resource = JB_WB_particle_systems
load_mod_resource = JB_WB_meshes

Please note that this submod replaces TLD's black 'pebble' texture with the WB one. Some scenes may look strange now, but I will gradually adjust them.

Aaaand I put this in the wrong board. Sorry for that.

Please go here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,359635.msg8631823.html#new
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