Need More Info Server Shuts Down When Changing Map Multiple Times With In-Game Admin Panel

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Summary: When running an event, I need to change the map on the server multiple times. I found that if I change the map more than a few times, the server shuts down forcing me to relaunch to progress the event.

My gut feeling is when the map is changed using the admin panel, it resets the "set_automated_battle_count" value making the server close once the new round ends. This is just a theory, however.

How to Reproduce: Launch the server with the below-listed server config, access the admin panel via the ESC menu, and change the map more than 1-2 times. The match will finish and the server will shut down.

Scene Name (if related): Any Scene

Media (Screenshots & Video):

Config Text Used:
ServerName <Server Name>
WelcomeMessage <Welcome Message>

GameType Battle

AdminPassword <AdminPass>

Map mp_skirmish_map_002f

add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_020
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_002f
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_010
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_014
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_sergeant_map_011
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_008_skin
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_007
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_skirmish_map_009
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_sergeant_map_007
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_sergeant_map_018
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_009
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_010
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_012
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_012_w
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_003
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_004
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_004_rs
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_005
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_005_winter
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_006
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_007_battania
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_007_battania_w
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_siege_map_007_winter

add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_020 Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_002f Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_010 Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_014 Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_sergeant_map_011 Battle, Sergeant
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_008_skin Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_007 Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_skirmish_map_009 Skirmish, Battle
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_sergeant_map_007 Battle, Sergeant
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_sergeant_map_018 Battle, Sergeant
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_009 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_010 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_012 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_012_w Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_003 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_004 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_004_rs Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_005 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_005_winter Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_006 Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_007_battania Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_007_battania_w Siege
add_map_to_usable_maps mp_siege_map_007_winter Siege

CultureTeam1 vlandia
CultureTeam2 empire

MaxNumberOfPlayers 500
AutoTeamBalanceThreshold 0
MinNumberOfPlayersForMatchStart 0

FriendlyFireDamageMeleeFriendPercent 80
FriendlyFireDamageRangedFriendPercent 40
FriendlyFireDamageMeleeSelfPercent 0
FriendlyFireDamageRangedSelfPercent 60

RoundPreparationTimeLimit 15
RoundTotal 9
MapTimeLimit 10
RoundTimeLimit 420
WarmupTimeLimit 30

UnlimitedGold false

SingleSpawn true

set_automated_battle_count -1
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Hey, changing the last 3 line of the config with the one given below should fix the issue. If the issue is persistent please let me know so we can further inspect the issue.

"set_automated_battle_count -1
Hey, changing the last 3 line of the config with the one given below should fix the issue. If the issue is persistent please let me know so we can further inspect the issue.

"set_automated_battle_count -1
That's worked a treat, thank you very much :grin:.
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