SP MP Fantasy Dying Sun - A Fantasy mod ( Wse2 Exclusive )

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This mod has been slowly built up over time. I'm the head animator and scripter and being so I've been able to implement some gnarly stuff. Combat Rolls, Special abilities, Custom weapon types, Magic and so on. We are open to accepting new dev team members if anybody is interested.

Magic is a heavy theme in this project, but not the only one. One of the goals this project has is to create new gameplay elements in all fields of the game. Be it quests, traveling, skills, stats, cutscenes, siege equipment and so on. Custom troops with custom skeletons and animations like creatures flying, giants thumping, dragons roaring and planned to be here as well.
Too add, this mod will have firearms, with the highest tier being around what you could imagine a cowboy using. Revolvers, Winchesters and similar weaponry.

The project will be OSP after a couple of releases/updates.

The HUD is under construction lol.

Ignore the player models in this video, they were purely for testing.

Link to discord for those interested!
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Diving deep into modding with combat rolls, special abilities, custom weapons, and magic! 🧙‍♂️💥 We're expanding our dev team to bring even more innovative gameplay elements to quests, skills, cutscenes, and more. Expect dragons, giants, and yes, even cowboys with revolvers! 🐉🤠 #ModdingMagic #GameDevelopment
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