SP Native Medieval Sturgian Troops Redone by Artintrex and Nemerius

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+More Armor
+Higher Stats
+New Weapons
+Stronger Troops

Better Sturgia

IMPORTANT: If you are using any crafting like ex Weapon Part Workshop please download Sturgian Troops Redone NoCraftedItems 1.0 version or your game will crash.

This mod changes Sturgians to look more like Viking Warriors.We have added some new variations to varyag troop tree. This mod also contains some custom weapons. Buffed Sturgians armors and the stats. Now they can handle other factions with their melee troops.


-Unpack into Modules folder
-You might need a new playthrough

Known issues:
-Bandit discipline path still leads to original units
-Custom battles do not work

Special Thanks:
-Wicked Tavern Fanatics Team

Our Other Mods:
Vlandian Troops Redone: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/356


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I have been playing with other mods and I can delete them and I still can load and continue playing the same game. I don't want this mod anymore. The creator of this mod should put a note to let everyone know that once you save a game with this mod, you would never be able to load the game without it.

Great Briton

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FYI I like this mod but I found out today (playing Beta 1.4.1) that it is causing the game to crash when I try to talk Sturgian villagers. If I remove the mod the game does not crash.