Smithing stamina doesn't regenerate for companions left in settlement

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You can do smithing with your companions, and you need to stay in town to regenerate smithing stamina,
but the problem is that for companions regeneration only works when they are currently in your party, and your whole party stays in town, which seems like illogical requirement, and possibly an oversight.
They don't regenerate stamina if you leave them in town then go do some fighting yourself.
They even don't regenerate it if you leave them in town, then rest in the same town with your party.
Which means your companions stamina only regenerates if You with them in one party wait together in town, seems like a bug.

How to Reproduce
: Smith using companion. Leave companion in town. Do something or just wait. Take companion back to your party. See his stamina didn't regenerate.
Version: e1.1.2
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