1. In Progress If a companion who is leading a caravan dies of old age, then the caravan will keep working

    Summary: If a companion who is leading a caravan dies of old age, then the caravan will keep working. How to Reproduce: Assign an old aged companion as a caravan leader and wait until they die of old age. The caravan will keep moving around map and passive income from caravan will keep being...
  2. Madijeis

    Resolved Town Governors don't stay in town

    Summary: Assigned 2 governors as companions, one in Thractorae Castle the other in Charas. The one in Charas is never in town except in the very first days of their assignment, this happened before to the previous governor whom I had to chase after to get back. It is notable that they are in the...
  3. 1.7.2. Wanderer not spawning

    I'm playing the second run on 1.7.2. and there seem to be no new spawn of wanderers as time goes by. In former versions I saw new and young wanderers appearing after some years - but atm the youngest is 29. Is this just me or is it a known issue?
  4. Spinozart1

    Resolved Companions teleporting

    Summary: Companions left in town will start to teleport after a week or two a few days. You can not use them as emissaries in desired town because they will move to a different settlement. How to Reproduce: Leave any companion in town and wait 2 weeks a few days. This strange behaviour came...
  5. anoddhermit

    Companion system is built for Warband, not Bannerlord style companions.

    Warband style: A set of pre-built undying companions with non-RNG starting stats Bannerlord style: A set of RNG companions that can die with RNG starting stats. Why is using the system for the former bad for the latter? Well ... If the RNG Gods don't favor you, you have a bunch of companions...
  6. vertibird

    Companions with unspent attribute/focus points

    Recently I hired a companion with "lucky" prefix and found that all of his attribute/focus points are unspent. I boosted his int to 10 and gave him 5 focus on engineering. He is my super engineer now. Is this a bug? Is this a rare thing to happen? More important question is : How can I detect...
  7. Brips

    Adding Agents for player and AI

    Hello, It Will be a strategical and tactical element of gameplay to have agents. "Total War" like. Recruitable special companion or real companion in taverns, towns or villages : Spy, to sent to check cities troops etc Assassin, to kill or wound lords etc Saboter, to slow down armies, break...
  8. Joe Friday

    In Progress Companion Reset of Perks/Focus Points/Attributes

    I just hired another companion to my party and I noticed his perks, attributes and focus points need allocating. I did not notice it being this way when I first hired him although he has not been in my party long. Is this a new feature or a weird glitch? Maybe I accidentally implemented a...
  9. Joe Friday

    Governor: Player vs Companion

    So, I believe I understand the perks and roles of how companions operate as governors. What of the player? I don't know how to assign myself as governor to a settlement. Am I the governor of all the settlements that are not assigned to a companion? Or am I only the governor of a settlement that...
  10. Madijeis

    The Camp: keeping your specialists out of harm's way

    The arrival of the new automatic troop assignments has marked a large uptick in complaints from the playerbase. As it turns out, people used manual division assignments to accomplish 2 main tasks: Targeted training of certain units: I do not share the concern regarding this one, as there is an...
  11. Clan Parties should allow multiple companions.

    When forming a new party you should be able to transfer companions the same way you can transfer troops. You can assign roles for the party so why not allow the ability to give the new party a dedicated companion for each role on top of the new leader? They would still take companion slots in...
  12. Need More Info Dialogue freezes when granting fief to companion on "I am thinking of a different location"

    Summary: Dialogue freezes and can't be continued or exited when promoting a companion in party to nobility. The freeze or softlock occurs when during the fief selection after selecting "I am thinking of a different location". Clicking to continue no longer works and the only way to escape is...
  13. manduran

    Resolved Fief election despite promoted companion owns it

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Capture a settlement, grant it to vassal. Fief Election will still start with different vassals, ignoring the ownership of the promoted vassal. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Varcheg Media (Screenshots & Video): I can provide a save...
  14. Lornloth00

    Companions remind player to level them up.

    Party member, companions and clan member could suddenly remind the player that they are are eager for a level up as a way to create immersion. Something like how companions interacted with the player about their views on things and each dialogue would be unique based on traits.
  15. Companion Clan - Only A Few Members?

    Hey guys! I've created quite a few clans out of companions, with some of them being a few years old now. However, they're still their original size, of about 2-4 members. Is there a way to get more members into these clans? Any info would be sincerely appreciated, cheers!
  16. In Progress Granting peerage caused a slew of errors, including crash

    Summary: I used the new feature to grant peerage to my companion "Vivein the Wronged," and have experienced a slew of errors since. Vivein travelled around the map normally, until she arrived at the fief I granted her, Pen Cannoc. Since that time, she has not left the keep in Pen Cannoc. It has...
  17. Lornloth00

    tavern backgrounds for the quick talk in taverns

    Could there be tavern backgrounds for the quick talk screens for companions in taverns instead of the background being the castle interior background? Its not very immersive to see the companion in the castle interior instead of the tavern especially when they would not be welcomed in the castle...
  18. Allowing Friend in world to join as a companion in your own party

    I know that campaign multiplayer is not on the table right now, which is understandable. Having two separate parties on the map would be complex and difficult. What about adding the ability for multiplayer in the same party by having a friend join as a companion in your own party? It could work...
  19. Ttauket

    Companion winning a tournament

    I'm happy when one of my companions wins a tournament but I'm very sad to see going away the rewards ... :smile: Can we get the rewards (renown, influence, weapon, armor ...) when one of ours companions (or someone from our clan) wins a tournament ?
  20. vth_Musketeer

    Please allow me to equip my companions who are leading parties

    My recommendation is somewhat related to this post: However, my recommendation is very specific. If nothing else, Taleworlds would you please allow us to equip our companions who are leading parties. Right now, if I want...
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