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Singleplayer end of battle

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In warband we could exit battle only when every enemy was dead or ran away (otherwise we would retreat). If we could end battle when everyone is dead or runs away I think that it would feel much smoother.


They should adopt a system like total war, where I can choose to sit in the battle and hunt all of them down or not. Instead of tab retreating it should have the option of simulating the rest of the fight.

Having to spend 15-30 seconds extra consistently hunting down enemies that I do not care about over the course of a campaign adds literally HOURS to play time, especially in some cases where it can add 5-10 minutes when 4 enemies are more mobile than the 120 person army and aren't routing for whatever reason.


Warband retreating punishes attack and run tactics because of the loss of morale, i hope in bannerlord that morale loss after retreating is relative to the losses that each side suffered, instead of considering retreat as always bad. This will also solve the problem with having to get rid of every single enemy soldier.
I really want to roleplay as raider with only mounted units and wage wars of attrition on the enemies, hitting them when they are vulnerable, causing them as many losses as I could, then quickly retreat from the battle with minimum losses.


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But the moral loss in warband is offset by kill/death ratio, so you can easily retreat from a siege after butchering a hundred guys on the wall and get a big moral boost.
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