Settlement auto-upgrading garrison units is killing my economy AND MY FUN

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I purposely put a large amount of tier 3 units in my garrisons to keep them cheapish. The Training Fields buildings continuously upgrading my units is causing way too many promotions to occur automatically, and over the course of a long game my garrison's are getting flooded with high tier units I don't want.

Adjusting the XP gain per day will not fix this, because it is not very high anyways. The issue is our stored armies are being changed without our permission. The XP should be stored on the units, and we should be able to go to our garrisons and upgrade them as we choose, like we would in the party menu, the garrisons should not be automatically upgrading the units. I believe it worked this way in Warband.

Kea Black

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I don't remember how it worked on warband, but I concur that garrison units should not be autoupgraded, or not be upgraded past a specific tier

a simple solution would be to add an option in the management screen to enable/disable autoupgrade for player controlled settlements, while leaving it on for the IA

another option could be to let the player choose the max tier for the autoupgrade, with a slider in the management screen, so you can let the recruits become t2 or t3 troops overtime, but not go over that, this last option could be implemented for IA controlled settlement too, as a way to limit the lords expenses


Would be amazing if the menu from Improved garrisons mod got adapted.

Otherwise I agree with OP, ending up with truly ridiculous wages for garrisons is issue.
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