1. Closed Mount & Blade 2 bannerlord issues with the xbox gamepass

    Summary: I downloaded the game and clicked on play the launcher works and click on play and the intro plays and then the game stops on a screen with Esc: select profile Enter: Play It does not let me click anything and when i click on play something loads for a sec (looks like xbox login or...
  2. In Progress Heart breaker not working ps4

    Summary: The heart breaker did not pop even though i killed the widow of lucon and later derthe. Lucon was executed and dertether killed in battle. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. Clans from fallen empires.

    Why it's impossible to recruit clans from a fallen empires. I think it's a waste of good tier 5 and 6 clans just to disappear. Wating for the IA to recruit and become a scum saver just to wait for the IA decisions. Maybe if u have a 70+ relationship you can recruit these nobles...
  4. Gotha

    Resolved [MP/SP] Graphic menu glitches / artifacts

    Summary: Some players encountered graphic glitches / missing / wrong textures in HUD when switching between branches - in this case between 1.1.6 to 1.2.5. Afaik It's fixable by deleting the %programdata%\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders directory. How to Reproduce: Happens sometimes when...
  5. Forest-Bandit

    War dogs

    Anyone else wanna see dogs and wolves in game as companions to take and fight along side? And before someone says oh there’s a mod idc bc I don’t have a computer
  6. Freelancer implementation in Single Player

    Are there any plans to implement a mechanic similar to the Freelancer mod that allowed for the player to have different career paths in the early game, such as, serving as an individual in an army? A while back the community manager @Dejan commented on a thread stating it wasn't currently in...
  7. Cannons

    I have looked around for a while and have not found a conclusive guide anywhere. I would like to replicate the cannon feature in singleplayer mods like L'aigle but I don't know from where to begin. I don't expect anyone to create an in depth guide just for me but if there are any resources...
  8. SveinnKingOfTheIsles

    In Progress Siege Defend Ambush misspell

    hello i have found a spelling mistake while you are defending against a siege when it mentions the reinforcements it will say this instead i thought i would let you know, i also believe it there when it saying the reinforcement are coming soon as well i believe
  9. Favoras

    Need More Info Buggy hood and armor models with "spikes" / "rods" on them

    Summary: There are unwanted "spikes" / "rods" on models of "Pilgrim hood" (head armor) and "Cheap paddings" (body armor), for a long time (probably since September when I bought the game). There may be other items with these, but I don't remember or didn't see any. Also I have evidence from at...
  10. Equipment randomness not working well

    I am aware about the way assigning armour to troops works in Warband, about all the flags and how soldiers treat the items you list in the modsys as more of an inventory to pick from. That being said, I can't explain this issue. I have added two available body armours and two helmets, the first...
  11. Saffa

    "Explorer" achievement clarification

    Hello, I have been on a run to unlock every bannerlord achievement, and I am unable to get the "explorer" achievement and the conditions to get it are unclear to me. So far I have been to every town, castle and village (entering the menu only) but the achievement didn't pop-up. Then I went to...
  12. SP - General Create ur own culture

    I know that many of us want bannerlord to implement a system to create your own culture by becoming king, it would be what makes the most sense, right? That's why I created this post to see if the people of TaleWorlds, seeing the support, create this system, added to that as an idea I would like...
  13. Qwezz

    SP Native Shield UI fix mod Remeber the resist stat warband shields had? Bannerlord shields have it too, it just isnt shown in the UI. This mod fixes that. I always wondered why they didn't want to show this in the game's UI. Anyways, this is my first mod...
  14. Modded Game crashes on specific date

    Summary: On a specific day my game crashes. No matter what I do differently the game crashes on the same day. Day 704. I've tried to go back 30 in game days to an earlier save at most, yet still crash on the same day. I don't wish to go back any further in time since I have done a whole bunch...
  15. Alehei

    SP - General Gang leader need weapons quest meaningless

    There is no reason to pay someone 2300 of money for 4 axes, when it's possible to buy them at market at 230 for each. Suggest to delete the quest or make it more reasonable.
  16. Alehei

    SP - General Caravan escort quest suggestion

    It's too easy to get rich after a Caravan escort quest completed, also the quest is not so hard. Suggest to random if caravan will be attacked while moving from one city to another and random attack groups to be an any kind of bandits (pirates, mountain robbers, etc.) and increase the range of...
  17. SP - Scenes Danustica

    1.01 patchnote: temporarily switched the scene used for the Danustica town. Bring back Danustica, please.
  18. Need More Info cant load saved game after 2,3,2023 update

    Summary:I cant load saved game after last update 2,3,2023. game say these moduls are different Native sandbox core cusstom battle sandbox story mod. cna i fix it? How to Reproduce:1 Have you used cheats and if so which: no
  19. KaoZ

    SP - General Add access to cheatmenu for console

    I feel like as a console player being able to have access to the cheatmenu will add another level of enjoyment/addiction to this game. This game has me hooked without the cheat menu I can only imagine how much more addicting it will be with it. I dont expect to mod like how PC has it but just...
  20. In Progress Game Crash v1.0.3.9860

    Summary: When I open the saved game, an error occurs within a minute. How to Reproduce: I verified 17508 integrity of files succesfully. I get the error which is waiting one minute after opening the game. Probably something related to the scenario might be triggering the error. There were no...
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