1. Unit Control, Upgrading, and Recruiting Overhaul

    1.To give a feeling of more power to the leader clan of a kingdom, they should have more control over soldiers/units. So this is my suggestion for how to go about that. Suggestion: Control over all soldiers in my kingdom: In my city, there should be a (Kingdom Soldiers) button. Once I click on...
  2. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [1.5.7 beta] Crash on upgrading the troops.

    I was upgrading troops after battle, in the window, where you take prisoners etc. I had captured few looters, and freed like 5 of empire peasants which I recruited. Then I proceeded to upgrading troops, I upgraded imperial recruits to archers using ctrl + lmb, then I moved them up a notch or...
  3. Settlement auto-upgrading garrison units is killing my economy AND MY FUN

    I purposely put a large amount of tier 3 units in my garrisons to keep them cheapish. The Training Fields buildings continuously upgrading my units is causing way too many promotions to occur automatically, and over the course of a long game my garrison's are getting flooded with high tier units...
  4. Resolved Incorrect requirements for upgrading Highwayman to Vlandian Champion

    Summary: Upgrading Brigand to Highwayman requires War Horse. Upgrading Highwayman to Vlandian Champion again requires War Horse How to Reproduce: Recruit a Brigand and level him, so he can be upgraded to Highwayman. Notice "War Horse" in requirements. Upgrade him. Look at his next upgrade icon...
  5. -=GoW=-Ethelred ✠

    Companion Parties: Troop Upgrading Request

    I don't know how it is right now, but it seems that upgrading troops is a problem for companions. There are many people who seem to find their companion parties without any upgraded troops. A solution would be (assuming that upgrading troops generally works for the AI atm) to order the...
  6. Double up horse consumtion

    so when you upgrade a brigand to a highwayman, it requires you to use a warhorse, which is totally fine, but when you upgrade a highwayman to a Vlandian Champion, that too requires a warhorse. i would assume this is a mistake or is this intended?
  7. Need More Info Troop upgrading bug when missing war horses, (Beta branch). (video)

    What looked like troops not being upgraded, turned out to be something else, can't tell exactly what, but i figured out what is causing it and how to replicate. Twitch clip (i posted this before on the wrong board)
  8. Troop upgrading bug when missing war horses, (Beta branch). (video)

    What looked like troops not being upgraded, turned out to be something else entirely.
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