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Hi there,sorry if this has been suggested already or already in the expansion.
Id like to suggest an addon for the  commanding sistem, like in the real world you could scream, archers move to that spot,hill,woods,etc.
And right now it is hard to do that, to make your troops move where you want them to.
The follow system isnt always good for this.
Something like this could help.(If the link is broken already , similar to the way you use area of effect spells like blizzard or rain of fire on the world of warcraft game,yea sorry for bringing other games up).
For example you press 3 (archers) then the move X order and select the spot with your mouse.

Some other small things:
I know the game is mount and blade, but you should enhance the foot soldier experience, for example creating more bows for foot only, same with big shields,etc.(like in the improved native mod)

Also heavy armor shouldnt allow agile moves like horse archery/weapon throwing.And the weight of your armor should also affect the speed and manouver of your horse.Beeing a full plate soldier with a bow seems unrealistic,even more mounted(i dont know a lot about medieval armor,just common sense).Same for big helmets that covers the face, obstructing your eyes,lowering your accuracy.

If this wasnt mentioted before a crafting system would be nice (may be cooking to?)

Thanks for your time ,sorry about bad english and good luck with your great game.

errum.. again, at this topic sticky..

G, it would seem to strike me as a far better solution that rather yet even more people flood in who love this game and spend countless hours struggling with limitable tags or tired of the game the way it is who work VERY hard in efforts to convince the developers of the game they love so much that they ask the developement team  for these almost *exact* requests would actualy mean the developers do some effort towards ACTUALLY adding some of these popular suggested features into the game?

yah know, rather then just be forum bumped/herded like cattle all in a direction with the sad feeling of being
completely ignored, or the feeling you are implying in the topic thread as basicly just the same as saying..

post all your crap we dont care about nor will ever consider here --->    thank you


is it just me or do any of you feel the same way?  *shrugs*

maybe I read this topic wrong..    hmf how rude  *shakes head*
Ug ug

I have made a suggestion about a "Command Grid" (find it in the privy counsil as "Command Grid by Gustav StreSeman"). It was posted in february 2008 and didn't get many replies, but the replies I got was only positive (some suggestions for change, but still positive).
I understand it so that I didn't got many replies because my system is more or less perfect (no negative replies, remember) which leads to no discussions. I would probably get more replies if it was brought for the main counsil. But how do I get it out of the privy counsil and into the main counsil. Do I need more replies, or is it just not put in there because its impossible for you to make or not wanted by you.
It seems like many want more command abilities, which the system alows.
)  I HOpe........

  1.    i can Draft my population into Army from my city and castle not just in my village.....
  2.    i can injure my rival lord so he won't be able active for few weeks.....  ( i mean i could sneak into his manor and... (STAB) )......  :twisted:
  3.    i can add additional skill points to increase my party morale.... ( not just Food And Leadership skill)
  4.    i can see my trebuchet or catapult can throw some stone to enemy walls... (additional path...  :lol:)
  5.    i can spend my time to train my recruit....... (without waiting till midnight....  :sad: )
  6.    i can have my own agent to do my diplomatic job or dirty work ( :twisted:)
  7.    i can command my heavy cavalry to charge (in couch lance) in order to break enemy formation and step away for few yards and charge again.
  8.    i have my own war council...  :grin:
  9.    i can see some kind kind saracen, africa (moor, Egypt, etc) , Iberia, east asia, and much more.... ( like the realistic culture in Medieval Time)
  10.  i can see many innovation economic system.... ( i want to establish my own silk route.... :grin: )
  11.  i can see many town, village, castle improvement........
  12.  i can have my own children and set him as my heir and can play it when i'm died because of aging or stabed.. (so i can play in years  :lol:)
  13.  you guys wont be mad or annoyed if my english is not good and someone else already put his that suggestion already in my list

  i hope i can add many more list.....


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you could add a button for bodyguards and talk to them in the part at a max of 3 or 2 that well help against badit muggings and can command to follow you


Armagan said:
Multiplayer: Multiplayer is not planned for Mount&Blade. It is very difficult to add that after this point, and it would probably lead to a great number of bugs which would require months of effort to fix. I know it would be really cool to have this, but it's not feasible.
LOL! :grin:


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How is that funny? It is a correct statement.

Mount and Blade Warband has multiplayer, Mount and Blade doesn't.


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Armagan said:
Multiplayer: Multiplayer is not planned for Mount&Blade. It is very difficult to add that after this point, and it would probably lead to a great number of bugs which would require months of effort to fix. I know it would be really cool to have this, but it's not feasible.
LOL! :grin:





what i think you should add is the badits have like villages and can seige castles so you can be a bandit and attack castles


well I'm kinda new at this forum (like member) but Love this game and several of the mods but i was looking in the forum something when u use the battle comands (1,2,3,4,5 and F buttons) the captain talk/scream that command it would be so cool to give orders to your troops and say "charge!!!" and ear it and not just read it -___-!

sorry my bad English :grin: :oops:


This is not the correct place to post a suggestion, you should make a new topic. On the same board as this sticky is.


I guess people have asked for roads but I do to. Add some names to places like forests, mountains and such so that you can enter these places and feel the beautiful nature of Calradia. More Realistic attacks. You really don't go up to a farmer and say "Give me what you got" and then you start far away from the farmer's party. Maybe there is a hill close to the road. You are waiting for farmers as they go on the road. Then you suddenly charge at the surprised farmers.

Add some more tactics to siege (singleplayer). Maybe you can choose a vassal to attack from the other side of town and the more in to town.
Maybe you should add townsfolk helping the guards to pull of the siege. A siege that would move further into the town would be great.
And other suggestions concerning "Towns 'n' Villages": Add population number. Maybe you should add Plunder the Town instead of taking the town, leaving it's production levels low. If I am right it takes a week for villages to repair after "Loot and Burn". Then 3-4weeks for a City/Town?
Population Number is now good as you see how strong the people is, what it needs and how many you can recruit in Villages (Recruitment in Friendly towns would be good too(not just Mercenary but better Faction units like in other Modifications of the game)).

Fix "Harder to jump with armor" and not just "Harder to run with armor". (It's really annoying online when people jump on your horses with long axes and cut you down in jump style!)

I will return with more IDEAS.


Yeah i got a pretty good suggestion that i guess everyone would like ...
In the game you got the E key for KICK right??
So its IN-FOOT
how about you guys could make a E key for HORSE KICK
while on MOUNT
got 2 ways choose or u guys may add a key : Horse lifts front legs and raises to "smash" the one infront of it or kicks the back legs backwards
Thanks for your attention.
Byeeeeeeee :grin:


Can an FORUM ADMIN please check and delete all posts that are older than the year 2007? Mainly because I was going through some of the search queries I had and found that some of the subject matter was posted in 2005 or 2007. Which is before many of the game over-haul patches and hot fixes.

It would just be cleaner. (Not sure if I could or should post here but I wanted to post it badly. Sorry if I interrupted anything. )



My suggestions are for multiplayer. I would love to see:

MP Campaign match mode - Players would command or join factions in an online campaign match, they would ally, trade, build, loot and campaign across the map. Various winning conditions could apply. Buildings, armour and abilities could be upgraded as a faction progresses during a match.

MP Campaign world mode - Set in a persistant world server (maybe even base the world on real world locations?), players would join a faction village/town then work, train, drink, explore, trade, quest with their fellow players. When a neigboring faction orders a military action against your faction via a vote or by commanders order, you will be called to arms and will spawn in the appropriate battle to fight it out. Castles and units will be upgradable, day/nightime cyles for added strategy, daring raids or assasinations, NCP interactions, etc. Players would start as humble peasants, used as front line fodder in battles, then progress to knights or even the regional hero!

Resources - based on the campaign MP games, it would be nice to see some resources, these could be simple as regions having mines, etc, located at various villages, the faction that holds that village of course gains that resource for their economy. Teams would need to defend their resources to ensure they stay on top (trading, weapon & armour production etc).

AI upgrade - I would love to see the bots movement/waypoint AI improved, as when playing 1 v 1 with my friend in a seige, the attacking bots are pretty useless. Please see next point for a possible fix.

Destructable walls - I realise that this could be tough to implement if the player is able to chose which part of the wall he wishes to smash, however if the catapult/seige weapon is static and set for the player and the wall has only one "breach point" of destructable wall, then it should be fairly do-able. This would mean that players/bots could smash a castle wall at a section and then pour into the town/castle in a "kingdom of heaven" style confrontation. This would also help the bots assist with a seige, rather than programming more AI.

More & better maps - Many of the maps are a little too elevated, it would be nice to see some maps based on real places, and in general lower elevated hills. "Field by a river" seems like quite a realistic place, but many others do not.

Spawning - The issue of spawning randomly should be fixed.

I have so many suggestions for this game, but here are my primary ones.

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