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You can post your suggestions about Mount&Blade in this forum.

Please note that we already have dozens of planned features for Mount&Blade and doing those alone will take us many months of work. As such, we are not really looking for new features to add to the game. Therefore any new feature you suggest is either (a) already in our to-do list or (b) most probably will not make it into the game. However I read the forums regularly and think about all ideas, so there's always a chance that if I like a suggestion well enough I'll go for it.

I will be adding my comments about some favorite suggestions down below. To avoid repetition, please read them before starting a new thread on these.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is not planned for Mount&Blade. It is very difficult to add that after this point, and it would probably lead to a great number of bugs which would require months of effort to fix. I know it would be really cool to have this, but it's not feasible.

Dismemberment/Gore We will be adding some more gore to the game some time. (Not so much to make it distasteful I hope)
Sorry for gatecrashing this thread.
Other popular topics have been, custom heraldry/emblems, special moves/attacks, changes to the trading system and tournament mode so I'd suggest looking for an existing thread about those topics too.

while I'm here I might as well provide links to some good resources for period arms, armor, martial arts and tactics for the taleworlds team and future modders. And to clarify I'm not pushing for historical realism just making available some research done by others to give people ideas and get some background info if they want it.
some games have a little button you pressed with a code lock in the options that eneables/disables gore mode

iv seen the so called blood and mud mod thingy. maybe also make some decals that appear when you hit a guy and where you hit him.

also sounds should be fixed so the sound of a sword hitting a target isnt the same as the sound of a blunt weapon hitting etc etc.

lighting and shadows seriously need to be fixed.

game should be freeware :wink:
I noticed when you go to an inn and you sleep till morning/evening you have to walk back to the inn so you can rest again. It would add to the realism if you woke inside the inn and if you needed to rest further you wouldn't need to walk so far.

I do like seeing what is happening on the world map while you sleep.

Talking to your party is only available ouside the city on the world map. It would be nice to be able to give equipment to your characters and check their stats in the party screen regardless of where you happen to be.

Other than those minor game play issues I think this game is an amazing work in progress. I have been engrossed in it for 3 days and had to buy it.

Keep it up we definitely appreaciate it!!!

How many of these suggestions do you read, anyway, armagan?

Edit: You know, I could collect every suggestion for you if you wanted. I did that for Rome: Total Realism, a large modification for Rome: Total War—a much smaller pool of suggestions, certainly, but then, it wasn't summer back then. Now I have tons of free time, and I'd be happy to collect and organize every suggestion made here if you'd want to quickly look them over every once in a while and give them all yeas or nays.

What about a little screen that tells you where buys what and sells what?(after you've been there, obviously)
This is only cos i have to keep on trekking back to whichever town i just left cos i forgot where im going.
The other purpose of what simetrical is doing is to keep the newbies informed of what's already been suggested thousands of bleeding times.

I'll help him out if he wants, after all, i was planning on doing the same thing, but that was before i got the full game.
Just a couple of simple things:

- whenever your food supply ends, it'd be useful an "autoequip" function that put one of the food items into the correct slot (maybe putting in the one that is cheaper would be a good idea, since when you are in the shop you can always fetch a better price);
- add an option to wait on the map like the other convoys (pressing the space key to pause/unpause), sometimes it can be useful waiting instead of clicking here and there just to wait some time in a fixed point;
- make the time pass even when you're in town, maybe when changing map (Merchant--->Smithy or Zendar's town square--->Arena). I'm not sure of this maybe it already increment the time (I haven't checked, my fault).

Finally, I'm sure this one has already been thought, but since I'm here... Adding the possibility to attack every convoy you come across via conversation.

BTW, keep up the good work! Can't stop thanking you for this masterpiece! Reminds me of Sid Meier's Pirates! a bit, but battles here are way more funny!!! You bested Sid :shock: !!!

P.S.: Maybe I used the word maybe a bit much eh!?
whenever your food supply ends, it'd be useful an "autoequip" function
I totally agree, and I'm amazed noone has suggested it till now :oops:

add an option to wait on the map like the other convoys
To rest in one spot on the map, hold down the space bar :wink:

Adding the possibility to attack every convoy you come across via conversation.
Can't you do this now? I haven't attacked any caravans in a long time, so I can't remember...
add an option to wait on the map like the other convoys
To rest in one spot on the map, hold down the space bar :wink:
I'm such a n00b...

Adding the possibility to attack every convoy you come across via conversation.
Can't you do this now? I haven't attacked any caravans in a long time, so I can't remember...
Well, until you're not aligned with either vaegirs or swadians, you can't attack their warring parties (not commercial convoys), and you can't harm refugees (free slaves :twisted: ).

And I was thinking about the thing about sieging cities... It could be easy if you put an option in the city menu (Visit count... Visit merchant... attack town), then teleport to a map with walls on a side (just to let you know that you're near a town) and do the battle there. Or maybe battling directly on the walls (without horses) and in the inner grounds, delimiting the map using walls (which will cover three sides of the map), leaving the remaining side delimited by some houses with barricaded streets. Just one map or two like that for battles into towns. And it'd be good if npc convoys could do the same, capturing towns from the adverse faction. For not unbalancing the game (i.e. Swadians that take all the towns from Vaegirs) a couple of variables could be used, storing the number of capturable cities (starting value 3, increase if they lose a town, decrease if they capture), one for each of the two factions. And, of course, the capital city is uncapturable (or at least the king'll move to another town, but I think the first solution is the best).

And another thing, when you attack someone you could choose your troops, leaving outside the one that aren't needed. This could be useful for the hunting idea, or for not risk fragile troops in easy encounters.
armagan said:
Simetrical: Thanks for your kind offer. I manage to read pretty much all suggestions. (Though I can't always give feedback.)
Does that mean that since you already read the suggestions, there's no point in my compiling them? I suspect that if someone were to put them all together and weed out the duplicates, you'd be able to respond to them all briefly (e.g., "Too much work," "I'm planning to implement this," "I might do it if I have the time," "Would make the game less fun") in only a few minutes each day.

Edit: Eh, never mind, I'm not really up for it anymore anyway.

Like i said before, the other purpose of doing such a thing is to give the newbies an idea of what's commonly suggested, so we can reduce on the clutter a little bit. I think in order for Armagan to properly comment on the common suggestions, he would need to see the suggestion set out before him in a concise manner, because i doubt he's able to remember this entire forum's contents. He doesn't need to comment on them as such, but it would be good for our sakes.
It'd be useful to make a sticky post (or at least add the rules to this topic) with some guidelines for suggestions (in addition to the more common ideas) like considering game engine limits, gameplay issues and game concept, don't you agree? This way many "would be" suggestions could be "driven" right into the mod section (such as magic, I see it better as a mod than a vanilla M&B feature).

Anyway, sorry for posting too much ideas in this topic, I should have started a new one or searched better.
This suggestion mainly applies while you're still in Beta but could be a permanent addition to the game: Have one autosave slot in the save games and autosave whenever entering a town.

I was just playing and was upgrading one of my NPC's who just gained a level. I went back to the world map and suddenly my music started sputtering. Then the screen went black and then to blue and I had to reboot the computer. I lost a two hour session.

This is not a complaint. I have probably logged well over 100 hours since I bought the Beta and this is my first problem with the game. Still, an autosave is a very easy bandaid to prevent future problems. I will say that my one problem with the game is that it is too, too addictive!
Tragedy struck it in the form of a thread :sad: and I miss him to but, more people hated him then liked him so oh well.
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