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Pelias117 said:
I would LOVE to see a stealth skill on the battlefield, that would give characters a chance to be ignored by enemy troops.  I think that skill alone would dramatically improve the variation in playing styles for myself.  If there was a stealth skill that affected enemy ai, it could replicate the ability to hide behind trees for some of the woodsmen, assasin style characters.  Obviously the skill would mean little if you were charging around on a horse.


Multiplayer: Multiplayer is not planned for Mount&Blade. It is very difficult to add that after this point, and it would probably lead to a great number of bugs which would require months of effort to fix. I know it would be really cool to have this, but it's not feasible.

Anyway, you guys stop making suggestion here, seriously.


.... Is this thread dead? it mentions no multiplayer  :???: and then mentions actually updating the game  :roll: so yeah. Not that it really matter if this thread is dead since it's informational but ya know, those two things I mentioned are strange.

Edit: weelllll  :oops: nobody point it out to me sorry for the bump. Maybe this wouldn't happen if w got more updates  :lol:


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Is this board, not this thread but the board 'The Privy Council', the right place to make suggestions for M&B2: Bannerlord or is there a special board for that? 

Or is it perhaps best to use the parent board, the one called 'The King's Court', to post suggestions for Bannerlord?


EDIT: Ok, so 'The King's Court' is not a place to make new topics.  Got it.
OK, here it goes. Please LET ME KNOW what you think of these ideas!!!
And also keep in mind I'm new to this site and posting but I'm doing my best to make it look nice. And I've been playing TONS of Mount and Blade.

Directions in towns
Player: Can you point me to the Guild Master, Prison, Weaponry, Armory, Stable, Lords Keep, Goods, Tavern, Specialty Mercenary/Smith.
Townsman or any above: Yes, take a right here and go up the stairs and another left (while pointing direction to go)

Buying prisoners from towns/castles or lords
Player: May I purchase some prisoners from you
Lord: Yes, take a look Or No they are not for sale.
Then you either leave or take a look and purchase as your own prisoners or hire them (lose party moral if they are prisoners from faction at war with)

Villages/Castles/Towns with blacksmith specialties
ex. Fisdnarian Ironwork, Dirigh Fletcher, Jamiche Poleturner, Azgad War Helms, Glunmar Greaves, Dugan Veiled Helms, Amashke Gauntlets. Bring Iron and tools for crafting/smithing. The smithing will be specific to weaponry or armor from that area such as sarranid veiled helms, kerghit bows.

Slave Traders who will dispose of lords for price
More on where assassins and ambushers come in later.
Salve Trader: Hmmm with that kind of renown, and possession of two castles and a village, I can take him off your hands for a price of 42,000 denars, but remember, there's no guarantee he doesn't find his way back, Goardovia is far, or I could take him to Exlazia for 62,000 with a personal guarantee you'll never see him again. If this is too much I would suggest you consider hiring Assassins.
Player: I've tried, three separate Assassins and a personal attempt. I need him gone.
Slave Trader: Have you used Sektehm Assassins? Common Tavern Assassins are meant for small jobs. I could give you some information and a good word to help you for a small price of 5,000 denars. My friend there also gives me a small share of his profits to send people like you to him.
Player: No I have not, only town Assassins. I will pay for information and a good word to your friend, take this 5,000 denars.
Slave Trader: I know one there with extremely high success, I could tell you where he hides there for a price or you could venture there and try any from the local Assassinates Tribe or try to find the guy I know yourself.
Slave Trader: The current Assassinates Tribe trainer there will let you into the Tribe if you prove yourself worthy with a few tasks and he can increase your Assassination skill set over time spent through training and tasks there with the Tribe
Player: I will go there and train
Slave Trader: Remember, tell him I sent you so I get my share, or he may not believe me and you may find yourself kidnapped, beaten, and looted by Ambushers and on a longship to Exlazia.

Villages/Castles/Towns with mercenary specialties
ex. Grunwalder Guards (For better prisoner protection, assassin protection, watch information on who passed by with estimation of troops), Halmarian Spies or Scouts (To send anywhere to get info on garrisons, armies, prisoners, check for Ambushers), Sargothian Siegeworkers (For building and manning better battering rams, trebuchets, siege towers, ladders),  Sektehm Assassins (as mentioned by Slave Trader, Iqybayl Razers (to put certain town/castle structures up in flames and out of use for a time, or entire villages for same thing, or enemy army's siege equipment), Balanli Tunnelers (for siege purposes ex collapsing walls or gatehouses, or building secret entrances to town locations which last until discovered by enemy and destroyed. Last unfound and uncollapsed longer the better their skill set is), Burglen Ambushers (also mentioned by Slave Trader, for purpose of being placed in narrow passes, bridges, or anywhere, to drop set boulders and set off traps to kill soldiers and loot armies and capture soldiers or even lords), Jelkalan Constructors (for building villages/castles/towns in chosen locations for escalating prices, or for building specialty soldier training facilities or specialty blacksmithing facilities, or adding extra walls, towers, or fatal death traps such as sand or oil falls on inside of gatehouses or castle tunnels, or arrow traps inside gatehouses and castle tunnels, or moats and spike ditches and spikes against walls for defense, or even digging away at land next to castle to make sieging troops have to climb cliffs for access), Unhun Hunters (hired for hunting and killing off or capturing large groups of wild beasts causing problems of production at villages and that are killing travelers and caravans or even harassing you. Captured beasts could then be put in arenas and bet on or to fight against personally in the arena or against other fighters, or trained for war), Samarran Ambassadors (have very high persuasion and negotiation skills for trading prisoners or peace talks or alliance talks), Haringoth Tormenters (for torturing captured troops and lords into giving information on garrisons, army troops, lord locations, war plans such as armies heading towards certain castle to set siege).
The more you use and interact with certain specialized mercenary characters, the better they like you and will accept tasks and the less they'll charge and the faster they'll work and the more options you have for uses with them.

Pre-Siege Defensive Layouts
ex. Walk around castle before attack setting ex 15 archers at this location, 10 guards at gate entry, 10 guards at keep entry, 20 skirmishers on this wall, 5 oilers on top of gate. Basically go to a location and then set location -> troop selection -> troop number -> stance (fire at will, hold location). Also replenish oil traps with oil bought and sand falls and arrow traps with bought arrows and such built by Jelkalan Constructors.

Village/Town upgrades
ex. Involving mines for iron production (only in certain locations close to mountains), oil welling for oil production (in mostly desert location), fisheries, cabbage farms, cattle farms, mercenary posts, smithing (for example a iron mine and armor smith in same village). You can pick up/buy items made for very cheep and take to towns to sell yourself, or set up caravan to set the location in their route. If it's at a town already they may sell items themselves and give you percent profit, or ex an smith would buy from iron mine to use for armors/weapons.

Some extra ideas include:

New in combat commands
ex. Get The Heck Outta My Way (troops clear path for you)
Heroes (selection of commoner warriors to give commands to)
Pick Dead For Weapons (troops pick dead for more ammo, and better weapons they can use)

Travel map view
ex. Let's you see terrain up close while traveling, as if you were in battle. Also can walk around camp while taking camp to wait some time, with auto pause when any army sighting near.

Pre combat selection
ex. Make troop selection for multiple groups going into combat for each wave.

Movable arrow shields for sieging

Rotate weapons with blunt and sharp sides to switch use of ko or killing
ex. warhammers, picks

Weapons breaking in battle but not permanently
ex. Wooden polearms could break somewhat easily when hit by axe blow

Also definitely being able to give damage to multiple enemies with one swipe/blow

Watch towers
ex. Could build anywhere (possibly with using constructors), which constantly gives you vision in area as if you were there

I would also love to see a massive online map like 20x Calradia or more where everyone is playing together and deciding who to join or attempt to start new faction and all that with constant play but that would be a lot and sounds like it ain't gonna happen. Of course I'm also using names from warlord and know it wouldn't be the same unless they kept a few names. Also I know some of these smaller ideas may have been mentioned so sorry for any repeats.

Anyway, let me know what you think!
-Nahtan, the Sarranid Veiled, Morningstar and Throwing Spear equipped killa.
PS If this isn't the right place to post this please tell me where because I'm a bit confused on what's what's what..


Newing Nahtan said:
Anyway, let me know what you think!
-Nahtan, the Sarranid Veiled, Morningstar and Throwing Spear equipped killa.
PS If this isn't the right place to post this please tell me where because I'm a bit confused on what's what's what..

Oh god... haven't you heard of the 'New topic' button? When you're at the Privy Council, click that button, and create a NEW topic!
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