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I once took the quest "Saving the kidnapped girl" (given by a town's guildmaster) but i didn't complete it, and the due time has expired long ago. Recently while riding around i found the kidnapped girl, and clicked on it, and she joined my party. The problem here is she won't leave. As she's considered as a companion, i can't disband her nor get her killed in a battle. Went to every town in hopes that she'd leave, as she does in the quest if completed. But that didn't help neither. Searching around the internet did not help neither, no solutions. So.. what to do?

*Playing with Diplomacy mod at the moment, downloaded from steam workshop.

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It looks like the finding of the girl after the quest has ended glitched her place in the party. You might want to find the same quest again to finish it to see if she is leaving the party.