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First of all Hi everyone,

I checked the forum for similar threads but havent found any, so i think im good to go. I encountered another bug at the "Unify the Empire" main quest that is pretty annoying. Im playing as a vassal of the western empire and we captured Lycaron. It was then captured by the southeners again before it was recaptured. Somehow this settlement now counts as two separate settlements in the progress bar which is pretty bad, since i was trying to keep the counter as low as possible while trying to get the western empire as strong was possible before triggering the all out war.

Weirdly enough, i loaded another save file in which the same thing occured, but the counter was displayed properly. So i dont understand how this exactly happens.

In another save file, which I unfortunately dont have anymore, I noticed that settlements belonging to a clan that defected to another faction were still being counted in the progress bar. I basically had 9 Settlements and 12 were being displayed as captured. This is bad for the same reasons mentioned. These bugs make the main quest even more obnoxious than it already is which already made me cancel the quest via console once.

I really hope there is a solution to this. Thanks in advance.

Summary: Recaptured settlements are being counted double in "Unify the Empire" main quest
How to Reproduce: Take a settlement, lose it, then reconquer it.
Have you used cheats and if so which: None in this save file.
Scene Name (if related): -
Media (Screenshots & Video): I can send the save file I just dont see how to attach it to a post. :grin:
Computer Specs:
OS: Win 10
GPU: GTX 1650
GPU Driver Version: -
CPU: Intel i5 11 Gen.
RAM: 32 GB
Motherboard: HP Baker
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
Could you send us the save file where you are experiencing this issues with?
To help you further and continue our investigation of the reported issue, we need your save file. With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. Location of save files: "C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves" To send us the requested file, please use the ticket system on our website. You can find more info about the ticket system here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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