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New version up!

I finally finished the Helm's Deep siege scene. Took me a while until I was content. Let me know what you think!
I also added some substitutes for the missing Dale props. It no longer looks how I envision it, but at least it doesn't look **** anymore.

Seeing that now all scenes currently included are more or less finished, which new scene should I go for, next?

- added Hornburg siege
- added substitutes for Dale cupolas and buildings.
- fixed a texture bug on mountain props







Whelp, seems I was a hasty young hobbit, here. I missed a .txt file and some bugs in the Hornburg and Dol Amroth sieges. Please redownload (Version number is still the same.)  :oops:

Vraelomon said:
It'd be cool to see what you could do with do Caras Galadhon, imo.  :smile:

Yep, that one's definitely on my list. However, I'm afraid to destroy the great atmosphere of that scene, so I'll take my time :wink:
@In Vain, these are amazing! I'll make sure to use these when I play my own campaign (not for a while though, as I'm adding a few more quests [which you already know of :smile:])

@TheWarArmoury, make sure you use the latest nightly build, which has some of In Vain's Siege Fixes (and some quest fixes). If you want to use the submod, install the nightly patch first, then the submod.
TheWarArmoury said:
Nice!  :cool: About to start a new campaign and I think this will make be a great addition, thanks!
Glad you like it! Please don't forget to give me some feedback!

Khamu - I fixed the Osgiliath sieges now. Will send them to you today :wink:

Merlkir - Thanks! I'm actually not quite content with it and still prefer the 'russian' version with the golden cupolas. But well, that one will have to stay part of my private submod.
That is awesome! It brings new freshness to the mod, now with Swyter's corrections and your new scenes, the game is better than always!

Edit: I encountered some bugs playing your submod with latest Nightly patch (released a few minutes ago), many Minas Tirith buildings are floating around, and the starting scene have some floating trees as well. I went to Pelargir, Osgiliath and Dol Amroth too, they are awesome!
Thanks for the bug report!

I will have a look at Minas Tirith with the latest Nightly, tomorrow. However, there weren't any changes to scenes.txt nor scene_props.txt, so my submod should still be compatible. Did you properly install my mod over TLD and allowed to overwrite the files?
Sometimes, warband seems to have trouble loading all the textures into the video memory. Do the problems still occur after exiting and re-entering a scene?

With staring scene you mean the raid caravan quest? That scene is not part of my pack. I'll have a look and fix it for the main build, if I find anything wrong with it.
Yep, I have Warband v1.168. I installed in that order:
- TLD 3.3
- Warband Compatibility Patch
- Latest Nightly patch (29/01/2017)
- Then your submod

I overwrite every files, and I even re-installed the mod to be sure nothing interfers. Still those floating buildings in Minas Tirith, even when exiting and re-entering the scene.

Yep, I meant the caravan quest, I thought you added a new one since a just started a new campaign and it wasn't the same I started some weeks ago. This one should have been included in one of the last Nightly patches, I assume.

Edit: here are some screenshots:


Sick HDR settings! :grin:

First one is a missing texture, second and third ones a missing mesh. Did you add all the new load_mod_resource entries to you module.ini, especially putting the one for textures in the beginning?
Well, this is embarassing... I keep repeating again and again to everyone who has installation problems in my forum to read and read again carefully all installation steps, and I just skip half your instructions haha. I didn't edit the module.ini, but now it is done Minas Tirith looks really splendid:


Thanks for you work mate, I will promote it in my forum. You have made my week!
No problem! Are you planning to rework some battle scenes too? I can't wait to see Caras Galadhon, it is true the current settlement is nice, but it is definately too small.
New version is up!

Seems that the starting quest terrain code was borked, after all. Sorry, @ALG, for not bothering to check earlier.
Otherwise it's a small update. No new scenes have been added, by I added lots of details to Pelargir and the Pelennor. Those scenes looked quite bland before. Khand Camp also is a bit bigger now. I also finally fixed the buggy water prop. I don't quite understand how I did this and I'm also pretty sure that I had already tried this particular solution, but hey, it works!

- added details to Pelargir, Pelennor Fields and Khand Camp. And some of Temuzu's great waterfall effects to Dale. Those scenes now look much more lively.
- added lods to Gondor fake buildings. I think they're barely noticeable, but tell me if you find them annoying so I can make them optional.
- somehow fixed the water prop
- fixed terrain code for scn_starting_quest (don't know how I messed that up)






ALG said:
No problem! Are you planning to rework some battle scenes too? I can't wait to see Caras Galadhon, it is true the current settlement is nice, but it is definately too small.
Do you mean the normal battle encounter scenes? I think most of them are pretty much perfect the way they are. Do you have in mind something specific?
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