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I just checked how these scenes are coded in and I think adding more might actually be possible without changing any other files. At the moment, adding more battle scenes is not my priority, though. But I'll keep that at the back of my mind. :wink:
I was saying myself something like that, i red the books more than twenty years ago, i don't remenber much except it was of one of the best book i ever read  :smile:
Indeed, in the books, Minas Tirith's outer wall, the Othram, is said to be made from the same material als the Orthanc - black and indistructible. I understand that many people prefer the movies' 'all white' design, but personally I think the black wall works quite well, aesthetically. I got the idea from the FATW mod for Rome Total War.

Mr.Milker said:
Adding more battle scenes was actually something Khamu wanted to do. So hopefully, one of us will end up doing it. :wink:
Since creating pure landscapes is perfectly possible with the M&B scene editor, I might as well create M&B compatible battle scenes for the main build, at some point. No need to have them in a WB exclusive submod. Often enough, playing with the terrain generator and making some slight adjustments is enough to create a believeable landscape.

Seems I have a bad habit of rushing releases.  :meh: I hadn't moved the updated scenes.txt to the release folder, so the starting quest scene still had the wrong terrain code. Also the Pelennor fields scene now has grass.

If you don't want to redownload, please overwrite the corresponding scene entries with the following:

scn_minas_tirith_outside minas_tirith_outside 1280 none none 84 457 339 532 -100 0x00000003300005000009c5a20000132600005bd50000739d 

scn_starting_quest starting_quest 256 none none 0 0 120 120 -100 0x000000003007dae3000378de000001bf0000299a000048be 
The new scenes are awesome! Glad to see TLD is getting some more love after all these years.

Question: where in the world is the nervous man in Esgaroth? I've been looking for him for about half an hour (took me nearly as long to find him in the Hornburg)!
Yarrum said:
Glad to see TLD is getting some more love after all these years.

The love I've been givin' TLD could be considered slow, but it is constant and unyielding (and set to the music of Marvin Gaye).

In Vain has helped a lot with the TLD lovin' though :smile:
TLD is a very generous lover. She's got enough for all of us! :grin:

Yarrum said:
Question: where in the world is the nervous man in Esgaroth? I've been looking for him for about half an hour (took me nearly as long to find him in the Hornburg)!

Problably on the ground of the Long Lake, as there's no spawn point for him. Dammit.
For manual fixing, heres an updated scene file. Please just copy it into your SceneObj folder and overwrite. I'll upload yet another bugfix version right away.


EDIT: Also fixed another bug posted in the nexus comment section.
I found a bug in the Lossarnach siege scene. There's an issue with the AI mesh in the gatehouse so the attackers cant move in and the defenders can't go out. Turns the battle into a stalemate if the player gets knocked out.
Damn, you keep 'em bug reports rolling in!  :razz: Thank you!

Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwow63ltovoyj4w/scn_lossarnach_siege.sco?dl=0

I will upload another bugfix release, tomorrow.
Hi, In Vain
I really love this TLD mod and also this incredible sub-mod you made ^^
I can't wait to see more update.

So, I face some minor problem about this submod
When I move into some area in Dol Godur, Minas Tirith, and some area in other city
and when I move a mouse to look over some specific area
there 'be a huge shaking camera that I can't really play
I have to move a mouse to look other side and moving away from the area
I also notice that the wall of Minas Tirith is not in black color

I don't know what I done wrong, I follow installation guide every step
thx again for the great work ^^

This is something I have not yet encountered. Did this not happen without my submod? Did exiting/reloading the scene, restarting the game / the computer help?

Could you please upload some screenshots, if your problem can be shown that way? At least the Minas Tirith outer wall?

Just to make sure: Did you add the load_mod_resource line to module.info in the required order, especially putting load_mod_resource = JB_textures before all other TLD entries?
I didn't try my mod with the steam workshop version, but there shouldn't be any incompatibilities.

Please remember to provide some screenshots and maybe describe to me which areas in which scenes are problematic to you, so I can try to reproduce the bug.
I don't know if this is an issue with the mod explicitly or just a hold-over from the original scene models but the murder hole in the gatehouse at Lossarnach (likely just the space where the gate object would have been in the default model) can't be shot through even though it gives a clear line of sight to the attackers hitting the gate. Arrows just get caught in mid-air.
That would be a M&B / WB native issue with the corresponding collision mesh. Neither TLD nor my submod change that particular mesh. I guess that's because it's just not 'meant' to be used as a murder hole but rather as an opening for the portcullis.
The Calambel siege scene doesn't function very well. The center tower has a poor collision mesh which makes arrows get stuck and stops your archers from firing. There isn't really anywhere effective for your archers to shoot from because the towers on each end that have a line of sight to the enemy army get clogged up by your infantry because that's where the ladders are so to finish the battle the player has to individually pick off the 50 or so archers that get left down below that none of your troops can hit.


Enemies are also getting stuck both on their way up the ladders and at the bottom.





The scene is pretty congested in general and it's tough to move around, increasing the width of the staircases and some of the ramparts might be a good idea. This is a particularly rough spot:
Thanks again for reporting on all the sieges!

Yes, I'm not very happy with that siege, either. The way it is right now is just a quick fix to make it a bit harder for the attacking side, because in my last playthrough as evil Mordor basically steamrolled through all the southern Gondor cities. I might have to redo most of those sieges, one time.

Attacking Archers clogging the ladders is a problem I can't really fix in a scene, though.
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