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New version up! Again, it's just a compatibility patch, but this one brings quite a change, nonetheless, because it makes all sieges work with the overhauled TLD siege AI! Also, cutscenes work again.

- made compatible with steam version from 30th Sept 2017 (equivalent to build r2404)
- adjusted all siege scenes to work with TLD's new expanded siege AI
- made cutscenes work again
- included Lossarnach siege hotfix
- reduced fire in Minas Tirith and Dale siege scenes to improve fps
- tidied up the file structure, so we don't need a custom module.ini anymore! This should make it fully compatible with Snouz' TLD Warband Asset Pack
- removed Dol Guldur, Corsair Camp and Gundabad scenes because they're part of TLD now.

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Time to heave this back to the first page!

I just uploaded version 2.2, which will probably be the last content update for the foreseeable future. I will gradually port most of my scenes to the main mod and just keep this one compatible.

This version finally has a siege scene for the Rivendell Camp, which also got new, more elegant palisades.
Also, I improved the Minas Tirith scene. Theres still a lot to do for this one before I'm able to put it into main TLD, though.



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