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Troop spawn points on the Pelennor should be random, anyway, if I got this right. Will have a look at it, tomorrow.

Could you post a screenshot of the fence in question? Seems that I forgot adapting the AI mesh.
How fix this problem?many people hav this truble on the russian forume (commando.com) and me to :sad:.We Downloading v.1.3b


Town hav this problem(Minas Tirith, Cair Andros, Dale and Hornburg)

I just fixed that a few minutes ago. I had uploaded all the wrong text files. If you redownload now (v. 1.3c), everthing should work fine.
Thanks for reporting!

EDIT: Yarrum, I also reworked the AI mesh for Pelennor fields and slightly changed the Calembel siege. Archers still stand outside the defenders' range, but at least no troops should get stuck, anymore.
Still have AI mesh problems on the Pelennor fields.

Thanks for the screenshot! Troops aren't even supposed to get inside the fenced area, so no wonder they can't get out again.
Or...wait.. did they spawn inside the fence? In the few tests I did, I won the impression that troops always on the same spot, regardless of the auto_spawn_points flag I set.  :meh:
If the Pelennor spawn remains the only notably bug so far, I intend to fix it with the next content release, 1.4, which should be ready next weak. Or did you encounter any other bugs, so far?
New version is up! Check out the corsair camp and its siege!
Will upload some screens tomorrow

- made compatible with newest nightly
- new Umbar Camp and Umbar Camp siege scene
- added new ships to Dol Amroth, Esgaroth, Dale scenes
- Esgaroth walkable area slightly bigger to make room for alle the town walkers
- added some rural details to landscape of minas_tirith_center and minas_tirith_top scenes
- yet again (and hopefully finally) fixed Pelennor fields AI mesh
- added some new cupolas for Dale
- fixed material issue with mountains and add swyters strange mountain fix
- added lod to dale fake buildings
Have a look at how TLD handles outer terrain meshes or distant mountain ranges. They're in outer_terrain_TLD.brf, I think. They added a huge invisible cube around it. I didn't really test it, but I believe that somehow fixes those meshes from fading out if too far away from the player by forcing the skybox to be bigger, which is especially useful for very high mountains.

Github said:
*workaround viewport popping of ancillary skybox elements in Warband …

…by caging them in an huge transparent cube with reverse normals, suggested by Merlkir. Fixes incorrect bounding box occlusion culling of several in-scene scaled elements, like the Mordor cloud shadow used in outdoors, and some extra mountains. We are going to make it huge, and Taleworlds is going to pay for it!

I've no idea what that's supposed to mean, but well, I copied it.

EDIT #2:

Some screenshots: Umbar camp, Umbar siege, and Dale could finally afford some golden cupolas! (Dale screenshots by Khamu)












and what folder "ModuleSystem" in archive

and now looks like that savepic.ru/13038554.jpg :???:
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