Nvidia DLSS causes game to be black screen except for User Interfaces

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I wrote a ticket as well as posting this issue on reddit but I got no response.
So I will ask here too in case some of you encountered it and maybe were able to resolve it.

Anyone else experienced this issue where any DLSS setting turns your game screen black? The UI is still normal but everything else is black. Turning off DLSS eliminates the problem. I have vanilla Bannerlord, 0 mods. Windows 10 Pro, latest windows updates and all PC drivers all updated. GPU drivers most definitely updated.

some screenshots:


Knight at Arms
I've had this problem. I think it's because the DLSS conflicts with the Dynamic Resolution Scaling setting. So, you can only have one on at a time or you get that bugged screen.


I had the impression that RTX and DLSS is something that games must support and be optimized for in order for it to work properly?


Ah I see, basically a "yes they must be optimized and support a given DLSS version" :smile:

Get a Radeon 6000 workhorse. Itll do RTX but at a lower framerate. Personally never cared for a few more rays at that cost. Sure, it looks nice. Is it worth it? Not to me.
Try ignore all his weaving lol
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