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  1. Ruskor

    In Progress Bug with rating table causing crash

    If you click on the leaderboard, the game will crash. Link on YT
  2. Ruskor

    Closed 0 vs 70 ms (FEINTS SPEED DIFFERENCE)

    I'll just leave this here as food for thought. Click on me emae
  3. Need More Info Can't install a game "CRC check failed for chunk"

    Summary: The game can't be installed due to a technicall issue Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home 22H2 GPU: ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3070 V2 OC 8GB GDDR6 LHR DUAL-RTX3070-O8G-V2 GPU Driver Version: 537.13 CPU:12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12400F 2.50 GHz RAM...
  4. aivarioha

    Nvidia DLSS causes game to be black screen except for User Interfaces

    I wrote a ticket as well as posting this issue on reddit but I got no response. So I will ask here too in case some of you encountered it and maybe were able to resolve it. Anyone else experienced this issue where any DLSS setting turns your game screen black? The UI is still normal but...
  5. Resolved Uzun süren yükleme ekranları

    Merhaba, iyi forumlar. uzun süredir oynamış olduğum save dosyası bana sıkıntı çıkarmaya başladı ana ekrandan oyuna geçiş süresi aşırı arttı aynı şekilde kayıt almasıda eskiden 30 saniye bulmayan kayıt işlemi şimdi 5dk üzerine çıkıyor sanırım save dosyasının boyutundan kendisi 155mb ancak engel...
  6. Pendor V3.9.5 Big Map Stuck and FPS drops

    I am facing the issue that after 20-30 minutes of starting Pendor, the big map will become stuck and keep pausing, while the FPS drops from 160 to 110, 90, or even 45. Also, the mouse will shine and on main page, shopping page, or anywhere other than battlefield, this continues. Even if I...
  7. Moosicorn2

    Resolved Making Menu Hotkeys Duplicates and Makes Another Unsusuable Key

    For some reason when I try and change the Inventory key button (and any other keys in the Menu category) to another, after I exit the menu it duplicates those keys and makes more options, which override the first ones. These take up keys and because there isn't a Default Binds or Reset...
  8. cyberonn

    In Progress Shibal Zumr Castle Bug - Defenders fell inside the wall

    Summary: I besieged Shibal Zumr Castle and there were 3 enemies remaining. I followed my men to see them dead but my men were stabbing the floor in a tower of the castle. Those 3 enemies were stuck below the ground and wouldn't die, which made it impossible to conquer the castle in the first...
  9. Some problems with the Control Block Direction

    I play with a controller (only the left joystick for move my character) and a computer mouse (for block and attack). On the version 1.4.3, the control block (same for attack) direction by Mouse Movement is totally broken. The game does not care of my mouse movement, when I move in the same time...
  10. Resolved This game broke my computer and hard drive

    I will send the DxDiag to a mod if they want it. I bought this game 8 days ago. It worked fine with now crashes for about 2 hours ( hour long play sessions each). The third day, I kept getting the crash after the initial launch, so of course I turned to the internet to no avail. I uninstalled...
  11. In Progress Game Crashes Completely after entering Car Banseth.

    Whether its a siege or just attempting to talk to a notable, the game crashes during the loading screen as I attempt to load into the city. So far it's the only city having this problem.
  12. microaj

    Envanter düzenlerken yediğim crash.

    Envantere girdim. Bir yoldaşımı birlikten atacağım için eşyalarını kendi envanterime alacaktım. Kaskını envanterime sürüklerken önce altındaki tuşa bastım ve 3 seçeneğin olduğu o bar açıldı. Ben sürükleyerek kaskı envanterime çıkardım. Diğer zırhlara geçerken baktım o bar orada açık kalmış...
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