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Making Peace with a Minor Faction?

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Hey all,

I attacked a minor faction (Legion of the Betrayed or whatever they're called) and now I can't join Battania because the game tells my that my clan is hostile with factions that Battania is not hostile to...

So how do I make peace with the Legion of the Betrayed so that I can finally join Battania? It seems kinda weird to lock the player out of joining factions if they're hostile to anyone the faction is not at war with.



I could not find it, found the leader...no dialogue option. So I murdered the entire faction. Says faction is destroyed, but I am still at war with it? Definately something that was overlooked.


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Yeah I did the same mistake :/ still can't figure out how to make peace with the Brotherhood and the Wolf clan.


"What you want to serve Sturgia? Sorry, but you once attacked a bedouin caravan somewhere in the desert, it's a hard no from us"

Mod with the Dev console doesn't work for me btw. Second game breaking bug I've experienced after only a couple of hours. Frustrating.
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