Make Besieged Garrisons with ZERO food actually starve and lose troops EVERY DAY until ZERO troops remain

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I don't remember what the threshold of negative food is to make them lose troops, but it really shouldn't have one. You get a situation where a besieged fief with zero food still won't starve out because the food consumption will never reach enough to trigger it past a certain amount of loss. Here's an example video.
I created the situation where I can just sit there forever with the castle under siege (the whole faction is in my prisoners) getting tunz of pay. I want to sit there and starve the garrisons out COMPLETELY. Why even have food if it's only to annoy the player and can't be used to actually destroy an enemy garrison completely?

Please, no more molly coddling the AI, make them starve when they have zero food. Simple request. It's not a siege if you can actually starve them out.


I would second this motion as a matter of highest priority.

It's incredibly frustrating to sit there and watch food run out, but it have no tangible effect on the battle outcome.

It's just not actually a siege if there is no consequence from a blockade. It's just a delayed assault.
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