Unresolved Main Game File/Launcher Disappears

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I bought Mount and Blade about 2 years ago, and never had any issues. I love the game and can still pick it up and play it for hours on end, however during one such binge about a week ago the game stopped working. I had finished playing the game the night before as usual and saved and turned off my PC as I would any other night. Unfortunately and to my surprise, the following morning the game would not start. Steam (which is where I got the game) would launch and say it was preparing to launch Mount and Blade, only to moments later crash instantly. I began to explore and found that the main game file/launcher was nowhere to be found in my local files, however if I uninstalled the game through steam and reinstalled the file would briefly appear once more before disappearing again until I uninstalled/reinstalled the game. I have tried troubleshooting compatibility through Windows, validating game cache through Steam, running the game as admin, and uninstalling/reinstalling the game numerous times as mentioned prior. Just want to play again, thanks in advance!!!
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