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  1. How to change guards of courts in my country?

    Greetings, I found that in my own country, the guards in the courts of my castles and towns can only be Swadian sergeants, no matter where my capital is or which country’s castle is the first to be conquered. I know how to change the file troops.txt to change and 'create' my own special...
  2. Where is influence data?

    Just need to know which file holds influence value so I can increment it from my mod's files... Anyone know where its at?
  3. Unresolved Main Game File/Launcher Disappears

    I bought Mount and Blade about 2 years ago, and never had any issues. I love the game and can still pick it up and play it for hours on end, however during one such binge about a week ago the game stopped working. I had finished playing the game the night before as usual and saved and turned off...
  4. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Splitting game files

    Would it be possible to split the game files in: Custom Battle Singleplayer Multiplayer This would allow us to save some disk space if we only play one or two of the above, mainly because in laptops and low specs systems you don’t have that much space to spare. Also, this could reduce the...
  5. Persistent names for companion?

    Anyone figured out how to give custom companions persistent first names? I used bannerlord wanderer creator to create the wanderers.
  6. Companion help

    Is there a way to spawn certain companions that are not in my current play through? When i start a new campaign i would like to be able to import my companions from previous games. Iv tried the console commands but it will only spawn companions that are in the current play through. I also tried...
  7. Crafted Item File Location?

    Anyone know were the file location of crafted items is? I spam crafted hundreds of weapons and apparently the game treated each one as an individual item. I smelted them all but the game still stock shops with the crafted weapons and they are about the only reward tournaments now offer.
  8. Need More Info My engine_config. folder in my game files just disapeared

    Hey guys! I've bought Bannerlord recently. I was playing for few hours and not gonna lie, I've used cheat codes. I've downloaded Developers Console from Nexus and changed cheat value from 0 to 1. Everything worked fine, I had no problems with gameplay or even activating commands like adding...
  9. Need More Info missing .../documents/Mount and Blade II Bannerlord

    Title... I've been looking around at the forums as to why my game keeps crashing. Some people brought up looking at these files. I noticed that I don't have them I'm sure this is the issue. However I don't know how to get his files after reinstalling the game multiple times. Note* game is...
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